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My Thick Oil - Strengthens the hair, Prevents split ends & Fights hair fall

My Thick Oil - Strengthens the hair, Prevents split ends & Fights hair fall - ChiltanPure
Chiltan Pure My Thick Oil Infused with a rich blend of precious oils revitalizes the feel of over-processed or damaged hair. It provides a lightweight nourishing feel and keeps the bounce in the hair. Chiltan Pure My Thick Oil adds shine and radiance to strands. Chiltan Pure My Thick oil helps to clarify the scalp with essential oils, leaving it refreshed and invigorated and transforming hair for more resistance against damage. Chiltan Pure My Thick oil enhances hair shine and adds mirror-like reflection to colour-treated hair.

How does it work?

Chiltan Pure My Thick oil transforms hair for more resistance against damage Hair appears softer, smoother & shinier. Its lightweight and fluid texture are ideal for detangling after cleansing and adding radiance before or after blow-drying. This oil can boost the hair's softness and prevent damage and dehydration of the hair follicle.

Is thick oil good for hair?

Thick oil can also protect your ends by preventing breakage and lessening split ends, especially from rubbing against your favourite winter sweaters and scarves. In addition, my thick oil will give your hair long-lasting moisture, and you will not have to moisturize your hair as often.

Amazing Facts

  • It provides enough oxygen and nourishment to the hair follicles.
  • It makes the hair fibres strong and puts an end to the issue of hair fall.
  • Hair becomes smoother and manageable.
  • It protects hair from dust and humidity.
  • It replenishes your hair & helps restore lustres.


Provides nourishing feel

Provides nourishing feel It helps to provide nourishment to your hair while dealing with the fizziness and dryness of the hair. It has a very light texture and glides over the hair very smoothly.

Strengthens the hair

It helps by increasing the hair's tensile strength, reducing the fizziness and preventing breakage."

Protects the hair from heat damage

The thick oil forms a protective layer for the hair shaft by coating the hair. Especially useful "when people blow-dry their hair, and other procedures are done to the hair, it becomes very brittle and fragile.

Stimulates hair growth

It increases or stimulates the circulation of blood to the scalp, helps to bring the nutrients to the scalp, which then works by nourishing the hair, and it also acts like a stress buster which is also one of the causes of hair fall.


It acts as a detangler for stuck hairs after wash, and it makes them soft and silky and provides shine without adding grease or stickiness to the hair.

Reduces fizziness

Chiltan My Thick Oil repairs and rejuvenates dry and frizzy hair and helps your hair achieve its natural shine. It also promotes the regeneration of healthy hair cells and makes your hair strong and shiny.

Prevents split-ends

Chiltan My Thick Oil prevents split ends by fortifying your fortunes and keeping your hair healthy. It also softens the tips and boosts hair thickness while preventing protein loss.

Natural goodness for hair

Natural goodness for hair Thick oil, the least processed, comes packed with several vitamins and micro-nutrients found in food. So hair oil is hair food.

Revitalizes hair tissues

it penetrates the skin. No matter how good its components, a shampoo-conditioner can't match the way hair oil goes deep into the skin and does its job of revitalizing the skin tissue.

Relaxing massage for a healthy scalp

Relaxing massage for a healthy scalp boosts blood circulation in the scalp. The oil is spread evenly around the scalp, sending nutrients directly to all the hair roots.

Fights hair fall

Fights hair fall Hair oil does the job of fighting hair fall and aiding hair regrowth. Therefore, whether you've got a hair loss problem, you can use a hair thickening oil, and the results can only be good.

Hair oil tames frizz

My Thick oil is an excellent method to keep curly hair. Rub some hair oil into your fingers and run through your hair softly on days when your hair feels out of control and unruly. This will cause the frizz to disappear almost instantly and provide nourishment to the hair.
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