De – Tan Mud Mask – Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells, Minimizes Pores, Removes Stubborn Tan, Dirt & Impurities 150g
ChiltanPure De – Tan Mud Mask Chiltan Pure De-Tan Mud mask shrinks facial pores, fights acne, removes dirt and impurities while taking care of your skin. It treats pigmentation effectively and brings the glow back after a tan, improving skin...
Rs. 950
Dead Sea Mud Mask – Intensely Hydrate, Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells, Cures Psoriasis & Eczema 150g
ChiltanPure Dead Sea Mud Mask Chiltan Pure Dead Sea mud mask help draw impurities out of the skin and can even exfoliate dead cells, effectively clearing clogged pores. It has natural antimicrobial properties to help kill acne-causing bacteria. This mask...
Rs. 950
Glowing Mud Mask – Unclog Pores Enhances Skin Hydration, Gives a Radiant Glow & Draw Out Impurities 150gm
ChiltanPure Glowing Mud Mask Chiltan Pure Glowing Mud Mask is ideal for cleansing, detoxifying and nourishing skin. It tackles patches of dry skin, leaving it completely smooth and also feels hydrating. It helps to purify and tighten the pores, leaving...
Rs. 950
Rose Mud Mask - Brightens Skin, Shrinks blackheads Absorb Excess Oil & Boosts Blood Circulation
ChiltanPure Rose Mud Mask Chiltan Rose Mud Mask hydrates, restores, and calms your skin for a powerful boost of radiance. It helps gently deep clean while refining the skin’s texture. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, making it great for protecting and soothing...
Rs. 950
Strawberry Mud Mask – Exfoliates Skin, Lightens Skin Tone, Fade Dark Spots & Gives Skin a Youthful Glow!!
ChiltanPure Strawberry Mud Mask ChiltanPure Strawberry Mud Mask effectively draws dirt, oil, & dead skin cells while soothing the skin. The high vitamin C content in strawberries boosts skin lightening and lessens the visibility of acne, age spots, and blackheads...
Rs. 999
Tea Tree Mud Mask – Relaxing, Detoxifying, Refines Skin Pores, Protective Against Sun Damage
ChiltanPure Tea Tree Mud Mask Chiltan Pure Tea Tree Mud Mask is known for its natural purifying and antibacterial properties to promote a clearer, healthier-looking complexion. It gently draws out impurities, and excess oil leaves your skin feeling ultra hygienic...
Rs. 950
Vitamin C Mud Mask 🍊 Brightens Complexion, Boosts Collagen Production, Prevents Skin Sagging & Combats Acne
ChiltanPure Vitamin C Mud Mask Chiltan Pure Vitamin C Mud Mask helps restore natural collagen and leaves your skin with a healthy, fresh, and glowy look. It helps retain the moisture in your skin to fix the cracks and reduces...
Rs. 950
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