Tulsi (Holy Basil) Powder – Eat the best, rich in vitamin C, immune booster, Contains anti-bacterial & anti fungul properties 🌱 جنت کا پودا
Chiltan Pure Tulsi Powder “Allah's Messenger said (Allah bless him and give him peace): 'If someone is given Sweet Basil Rehaan (Rayhan) (الريحان)-(Tulsi), he should not reject it, because it comes from the Garden of Paradise!Hazrat Abu Hurairah رضي الله...
Rs. 1,199
Tulsi Honey – Pure honey for pure strength and pure taste, contains anti-inflammatory properties, remedy of cough, helpful in treating fever – 100% pure organic
Chiltanpure Tulsi Honey Tulsi is one of the oldest herbs and besides using it for spiritual reasons it also has healing properties. Tulsi is known as the ‘Holy Basil’ and considered sacred among Hindus. It is worshipped early in the...
Rs. 1,199
Tulsi Infused Oil – Natural Immunity Booster, Tackles Hyperpigmentation & Boosts Hair Growth
Chiltanpure Tulsi Oil Tulsi, also known as Basil or Holy Basil, is a mint-like leafy herb in various varieties. This wonder herb has been utilized worldwide for ages, including dried powder, herbal tea, and oil.  Chiltan Pure Tulsi Infused Oil...
Rs. 999
Tulsi Tea – The Cure for Everything – Beats Stress, Prevents Respiratory Disorders, Regulates Blood Sugar Levels, Maintains Dental & Oral health
ChiltanPure Tulsi Tea ChiltanPure Tulsi Tea is a natural herb that helps the body adapt to outside stressors. It is considered to be the ‘Queen of Herbs’ which is abundant in antioxidants. Our organic Tulsi Tea is not only great in taste...
Rs. 999
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