Ginger Jojoba Warming Massage Oil – Best for Maintaining Flexible Joints, Relieving Fatigue & Pain in Body [ادرک-عناب] 250ml

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  • Tightening muscles, along with all physiology
  • Helps maintain flexible joints
  • Relieves fatigue, pain, and pain in the body
  • Calms nerves
  • Improve Blood circulation
  • Improve skin color by adding shine
  • Increase mental and energy alertness
  • Promotes deeper and better sleep
  • Nourish the entire body, promote longevity
  • 250ml

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ChiltanPure Organic Ginger Jojoba Warming Massage Oil

Our Aromatherapist along with the team of qualified pharmacist and dermatologist brings organic & 100% pure massaging oil for its customers. ChiltanPure Ginger Jojoba Warming Massage oil is infused with pure ginger extracts, ginger oil and Jojoba oil. Moreover, it have all pure properties of warming massage oil which is beneficial for you in many ways.

This is warming massage oil with a slight warming effect. It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial oil.

Elaborating infusion of  Ginger & Jojoba

Ginger oil

Massage therapists call Ginger Oil as “The Oil of Empowerment”. Different massage therapist mostly use it, in aromatherapy applications, because it is stimulating and warming. It carries ability to enhance concentration. Additionally it will soothe and reduce feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, lethargy, agitation, dizziness, and fatigue.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil with lots of benefits, is easily but not too quickly absorb by the skin. This absorption rate prevents the need for continuous application of the oil during massage. So, a little Jojoba oil is non-toxic, non-comedogenic and non-allergenic. It means that it will not clog pores and will not cause any allergic reactions. It is also not an irritant, so you can safely use it on the skin.

How does it works?

Adding this warm massage oil to a massage experience can relax and calm you while rejuvenating your body and mind. It will not improve the nature of relaxation massage, it also helps in the healing process. Smooth sliding movements massaged by massage oil help nourish the skin and help dissolve toxins and stress accumulation, which improves overall health.

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Ginger Jojoba Warming Massage Oil – Best for Maintaining Flexible Joints, Relieving Fatigue & Pain in Body [ادرک-عناب] 250ml
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