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8 Reasons to Use Hand & Foot Glowing Cream!

8 Reasons to Use Hand & Foot Glowing Cream! - ChiltanPure
The skin on your body is not all the same. The skin in different places has different needs. Many of us do not take as much care of our hands and feet as we do of our faces. The skin on our limbs is often neglected even though it remains uncovered most of the time and tends to undergo prominent tanning. Not only the exposure to UV rays and environmental pollution result in the discoloration of our hands and feet, but involvement in household chores also takes a toll. As a result, they become a few shades darker than our faces and other body parts over time. Hand & Foot glowing cream primarily works to lighten the skin tone and make it even by lowering the concentration of melanin in it. It makes the skin appear softer, brighter, and fairer. Sometimes they are also used as anti-aging products to keep the age-related discoloration away.

Prevents Athlete's Foot

hand-foot-2 Athlete's Foot is a common skin infection caused in the feet, which usually happens when the feet become very sweaty or wear tight shoes. This leads to a feeling of burning, itching especially around the toes. Applying a foot cream every day helps in preventing this problem.

Combat Aging

hand-foot-3 The skin on the top of our hands has fewer sebaceous glands and hence dries faster. Moreover, they are often over-exposed to environmental stressors, including the sun, water, dryness, pollution, etc. These factors cause them to develop early signs of aging, such as pigmentation, wrinkles and thinning of the skin.

Prevents Cracked Heels

hand-foot-4 Cracked and dry heels are one of the most common issues women face, and that's because your feet aren't getting any amount of moisturization. Applying a foot cream every day can help you prevent cracked heels and further prevent your feet from getting dry.

Heal Dry and Cracked Skin

hand-foot-5 Routine cleaning and washing dry out your hands, and in severe cases, the skin may crack and develop rashes due to loss of its natural oils and moisture. While many of us use a regular moisturizer or body lotion for our hands, they are not enough to serve the purpose. Hand creams have a richer consistency and are made with ultra-moisturizing formula.

Protect Against Infections

Hand & Foot Glowing Cream Cracked or bleeding hands are more prone to bacterial and viral infections. Damaged and unprotected skin harbors more pathogens, and unless we maintain a good regime, washing hands frequently won't help.

Do Not Forget Your Nails

hand-foot-7 While you are at it, make sure to apply some hand cream to your nails. They are highly prone to damage and infections. Massaging your fingertips with the cream will keep your nails and cuticles healthy, moisturized, and prevent dirt and microorganisms from taking shelter.

Keeps Odor Away

hand-foot-8 Always trapped in footwear, your feet can invite a foul odor. Natural ingredients in foot creams help keep your feet fresh all day long and prevent bad smells and odors.

Removes Flaky Skin

hand-foot-9 Your feet can get irritated and itchy with dryness and flakes. A foot cream helps you get rid of these problems and instead makes your feet lighter. Many natural foot creams contain ingredients like vitamins and glowing agents, which provide nourishment to the skin without any heavy or greasy feeling.


The best time to apply a foot and hand cream is right after you take a shower when you’re Foot and hands are still moist. This will help your cream absorb quickly. Take a small quantity of cream on your palm and gently massage your feet in a circular motion. You can also apply a foot and hand cream at night and then cover it with a pair of socks. This will help the cream work on your dry and cracked feet overnight and help you get soft, hydrated feet in the morning. Make sure your feet are clean before you start applying the cream so that your feet can benefit the most from it. Gently massage. This also helps in blood circulation, which is excellent for your feet. Hand & Foot Glowing Cream Chick Here To Buy Hand and Foot glowing Cream
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