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[Top 10] Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin & Hair

[Top 10] Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin & Hair - ChiltanPure
Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin & Hair, this mild and soothing oil is beneficial for both the skin and hair. This is partly thanks to its emollient properties, meaning it helps prevent water loss from the skin. Almond oil is pack with vitamin E, which may help protect the skin from sun damage and premature aging.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin

Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin, the fruit of the almond is a drupe, consisting of an outer hull and a hard shell with the seed, which is not a true nut, inside. Shelling almonds refers to removing the shell to reveal the seed. Almonds are sold shell or un-shelled. Blanched almonds are shell almonds that have to treat with hot water to soften the seed-coat, which is removed to reveal the white embryo.

1. Promotes Flawless Skin

Almond oil for skin is mild and has hypoallergenic properties which make it great for sensitive skin too.
  • It is best to apply when it is at the same temperature as your body.
  • Another reason almond oil is so good for skin is that it is rich in Vitamin E which is an effective anti-oxidant.
  • Apply the oil regularly and your skin will combat stress and UV damage with ease.

2. For Deep Cleansing Of Skin

Almond oil for skin is light in texture, and can easily penetrate deep into the skin, softening and dislodging the dirt and debris accumulated in the skin pores and hair follicles. This prevents blackheads and acne. Thanks to the Vitamin A content in the oil, it may help reduce acne flare-ups. Almond oil for skin can be safe use on sensitive skin as it is less likely to cause allergic reactions. It is excellent for removing makeup even from the tender area around the eyes. Dip a ball of cotton in the oil and apply it on the face. Allow to remain for 2 minutes and then wipe it off with a fresh piece of cotton. It is easy to make a natural facial scrub with almond oil for skin and fine sugar. Mix them and apply on the face, working in circles to lift off grime and dead cells. Wash it off with water. Repeat it every week for beautiful, radiant skin.

3. Almond Oil also Removes Tan

If you have dark circles and bags under your eyes, almond oil for skin can come to your aid. Apply the oil every night before going to bed. You will see a noticeable difference in about two weeks. Sun exposure can inflame the skin and cause pain and redness. Apply almond oil for skin over these patches for quick relief. An unwanted tan can also be light with the oil. Mix one teaspoon of honey with a few drops each of lemon juice and almond oil. Rub it in with the fingers and leave it on for an hour. Wash it off with plain water.

4. To Treat Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are common in the nappy area of young kids wearing diapers. In adults too, the skin may become inflamed from constant rubbing against hard materials, including underwear. Skin to skin friction also can result in chafed skin. This type of contact dermatitis can result in soreness and burning sensation. Doctors usually prescribe zinc-based ointments to reduce the inflammation(Almond Oil Uses). Almond oil for skin is a better alternative to these creams. For one effect, you don’t have to worry about the chemical substances contained in commercial products irritating the skin further. Also, almond oil with its rich store of zinc is as good as any store-bought creams or lotions available(Almond Oil Uses). The application is simple enough. Just dip three fingers in the oil and dab the oil on the affected area. Leave it on until all the oil is absorbed into the skin. You can use almond oil on chafed skin anywhere on the body, even on baby skin, as long as you don’t have a specific allergy to this oil.

5. Reduces Signs of Aging

Aging is natural but premature aging isn’t.
  • With the aid of almond oil for skin, you can reverse the effects of skin aging caused by exposure to factors like the sun, smoke as well as dehydration.
  • Additionally, using a nourishing product like Olay Regenerist Regenerating Day Cream with SPF 15 will make your skin look radiant and youthful(Almond Oil Uses).

Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

Benefits of Almond oil for hair contains all kinds of healthy ingredients for hair like Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin E, and magnesium. Using almond oil nourishes and strengthens your hair, and is optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair. A few drops go a long way to add silkiness and shine & nourish the scalp.

1. To Control Hair Loss

Almond Oil for Hair, every day we lose around a hundred hair strands, but it does not affect our total hair volume because of new hair growth that replaces the old. But if hair fall is heavier than normal, our scalp will show visible signs of thinning which can be disturb. Exposure to environmental pollutants, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, and stress are the main reasons for excessive hair loss(Almond Oil for Hair). Almond Oil for Hair, deficiency of magnesium and calcium in particular results in poor hair growth and hair loss. Zinc is another important mineral for healthy hair; its deficiency is known to cause alopecia, characterized by thinning of hair. Almond oil is rich in all of these minerals. You need to use almond oil regularly to control hair loss. Warm one tablespoon of oil and apply it to the scalp every night after your shower or bath. Rub it in until most of the oil is absorbed into the scalp. Leave it overnight for the best results. Eating a few almonds every day or mixing in a few drops of almond oil into your salad or smoothie will work from the inside to make your hair healthy(Almond Oil for Hair).

2. For Long Shiny Hair

Almond Oil for Hair, not only the scalp but the hair shaft also can benefit from the almond oil. The glands in the scalp produce an oily substance that forms a natural protective coating on each strand of hair. But hair can become too dry and brittle from frequent use of shampoos that strip the hair of these natural oils. This results in breakages and split ends that reduce the length of the hair. Restore the protective oil layer by applying almond oil to your hair right after washing it with a gentle organic shampoo. First, dry the hair with a towel to remove excess moisture. Rub the oil between your palms and run your hand through the entire length of the hair to coat every strand. Leave the hair to air dry naturally, combing occasionally with a wide-toothed comb to separate the strands. This treatment gives hair a nice sheen, besides making it manageable and tangle-free(Almond Oil for Hair).

3. Almond Oil Strengthens and Repairs Hair

Using certain oils to treat hair can make it less prone to breakage and diminish split ends. The lubricating properties of nut oils, like almond oil, diminish friction during hair styling. A study on Brazilian nut oils (many of which contain oleic acid and linoleic acid, just likeTrusted Source sweet almond oil) showed improvement in hair’s resilience when it was treated with small(Almond Oil for Hair).

4. Almond Oil Could Make Your Hair Grow

There aren’t clinical trials that prove that almond oil is effective in making hair grow. But here’s what we do know: almond oil can make hair stronger and less prone to split ends, which means your hair growth won’t be slow by losing hair that becomes damaged. Almond oil contains high amounts of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. When antioxidants combat the environmental stress around your hair, your hair looks younger and healthier.

5. Nourishes Hair

Almond oil softens hair while adding shine. This is because of its high content of fatty acids and proteins. The nutrients penetrate deep into the scalp and hair shaft, nourishing each strand of hair, making them glossy and strong. It is also relative non-sticky and easy to wash off(Almond Oil for Hair).
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