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[Top 10] Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

[Top 10] Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil - ChiltanPure

1. Skin Care

Lemon Essential Oil is a natural detoxifier and contains antiseptic properties that aid in clearing up pimples and acne from the face. By doing so, lemon also tightens the skin, preventing wrinkles and removes excess oils that clog pores and cause blackheads. Since Lemon Essential Oil falls under the category of citrus fruits, it also contains astringent properties that can be used as an essential oil to remove dead skin cells, brighten skin complexion, and reverse sun damage. Lemon Essential Oil can also soften the skin and is often used in creams and lotions to cure calluses, corns, and bunions.

2. Nourishes Skin

Lemon essential oil benefits your skin by reducing acne, nourishing damaged skin, and hydrating the skin. Lab studies show that lemon oil can reduce cell and tissue damage in the skin that’s caused by free radicals. This is due to lemon oil’s potent antioxidant activity and anti-aging effects. According to a scientific review published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the lemon essential oil is also effective against skin issues like blisters, insect bites, greasy and oily conditions, cuts, wounds, cellulite, rosacea, and viral infections of the skin like cold sores and warts. This is because of lemon oil’s antimicrobial compounds that work to treat dermatological conditions naturally.

3. Allergy/ Asthma

Diffusing Lemon Essential Oil can purify the air and cleanse the respiratory system by clearing the nasal passages and opening the sinuses to fresh air. Folklore and ancient medicine suggest that rubbing Lemon Essential Oil to the chest, feet bottoms, and neck every day can help promote good airflow and decrease the effects of allergens in the air. If you feel a sore throat coming, diffusing Lemon Essential Oil will help soothe your scratchy throat and prevent dry coughing in the middle of the night.

4. Skin, Hair, and Nail Care

Lemon essential oil gives a refreshing boost to your hair by making it strong, healthy, and shiny. It can also be used to eliminate dandruff. Moreover, it can soften cuticles and restore your nails to a healthy condition. It is also a holistic solution to skin problems due to its detoxifying, antiseptic, and astringent properties. It helps in treating pimples and other skin disorders. For those with oily skin, the lemon essential oil will reduce the excessive oil production of your skin. People also use it as part of facial cleansers and cellulite creams. It’s truly a vital oil wonder as it purifies your skin.

5. Laundry

Add a few drops to your laundry cycle or to the final rinse cycle to freshen up your laundry. Your washing machine will also smell clean.

6. Helps Purify the Body

Lemon oil has a purifying, cleansing, and protective effect on the body. It helps to defend the body against harmful pathogens and promotes detoxification through the blood and liver. Lemon oil also stimulates lymphatic drainage, which allows the body to cleanse itself of wastes and toxins. A 2016 animal study found that when lemon essential oil was given to rats that had developed aspirin-induced acute liver and kidney damage, it was able to reduce the oxidative stress and cost to both organs. Another animal study tested the effects of lemon oil and other essential oils on the antioxidant state of organs in mice. When mice were treated with essential oils for six months, even at shallow doses, they were able to reduce oxidative stress and maintain the structural integrity and functional activity of the organs. A mixture of lemon essential oil and ginger extract had the highest antioxidant effect on the liver and brain in mice.

7. Stress

Lemon oil has calming properties that are effective in relieving exhaustion, mental fatigue, dizziness, nervousness, anxiety, and tension. Go for lemon essential oil whenever you need to refresh your mind and eliminate negativity. If your office is filled with stressed-out workers, use lemon oil as a space refresher on your work area to increase concentration, alertness, and efficiency. Of course, before you do this, make sure that everyone in the space is okay with you diffusing any essential oils.

8. Helps Metabolism and Digestive System

Lemon Essential Oil naturally reduces flatulence and toxic gases from our bodies and works to support the digestive system and prevent stomach problems like indigestion, acidity, and cramps. Adding a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil to water can help reduce heartburn, acid indigestion, and it can help cleanse the liver and kidneys

9. Refreshing Scent

Give yourself a refreshing and calming break from outside pollution and diffuse a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil from an aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser. Add Lemon Essential Oil to other essential oil singles such as Lavender Oil, Rose Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, and Tea Tree Oil to boost your healing in a way that works for you.

10. Relieves Cough

Lemon oil has antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps to boost your immune system and fight respiratory conditions. It also serves as one of the top essential oils for allergies. It’s one of the best essential oils for coughs because it benefits the lymphatic system, which protects you from harmful pathogens and reduces swelling in your lymph nodes. The lemon essential oil also stimulates lymphatic drainage, thereby reducing the accumulation of fluids that can cause you to cough.
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