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14 Amazing Cedarwood Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair & Health

14 Amazing Cedarwood Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair & Health - ChiltanPure

Cedarwood Essential Oil

No one knew that the simple oil from a tree wood could ever be so magnificent to your health, body, and mind? Intriguingly, cedarwood essential oil has a lot of different properties, which makes this essential oil, distinguishable from all other essential oils. This oil has multiple beneficial properties that include antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, tonic, antifungal, diuretic, insecticidal, and sedation. Now it makes sense as well, why there are cedars mentioned in the bible, representing a source of safety, intelligence and wealth. There are a lot of impressive properties of cedarwood essential oil, which makes it useful for such a broad range of common health concerns found in most of the people that include skin issues, hair fall, infections, depression and a lot more. Following EPA, cedarwood essential oil can even support you in repelling moths, pests, and other insects naturally from your home while depressing the growth of fungus! Since this is an essential oil you always need to get some carrier oil to apply it topically on your body. Since these essential oils are a bit harsh and volatile it is advised to use some good and pure carrier oil to dilute them with. There are a lot of carrier oils out there in the market and each has its specific property. You can always try from those and opt for the one that works best for you. You can go for coconut oil that will increase absorption of cedarwood oil in your skin or you can go for sweet almond oil, which works great for every type of skin (dry or oily skin). So, choosing carrier oil depends on you, which works best for you and you can choose from a wide range of oils.

What is Cedarwood Essential Oil?

It is one unique and specific oil among all of the essential oils. Cedarwood essential oil is pulled out from the small wood shards of a cedar tree. There are four varieties of cedar trees, and all of these as timber which are evergreen conifers and these conifers belong to the plant genus pronounced as Cedrus. It is a famous sort of cedarwood essential oil (Juniperus virginiana) originates from the Eastern red cedar, also occasionally pronounced as pencil cedar. There are quite a few components, which makes this essential oil what it is, some vital constituents of cedarwood essential oil are alpha-cedrene, beta-cedrene, sesquiterpenes, cedrol, windrow, and thujone — all of these components contribute a great deal to give you those vital health benefits. These tiny components are the reason, why you are looking for this essential oil! What are the benefits of cedarwood essential oil, right? For what purposes I can use this oil? Keep reading the whole article, you are about to find out, those benefits that might end your years of stress and hassle.

Benefits and Uses:

You are concerned with most of the health benefits that are linked with cedarwood oil and you are exactly where you should be looking for. This oil has a lot of surprising and intriguing benefits when it comes to your overall health and beauty.
  1. It may Help in the Treatment of Eczema
  2. Can help you with Treating Hair Fall Issues
  3. Can Hydrate your Scalp
  4. Contains Essential Antiseptic Characteristics
  5. Help to Treat Arthritis
  6. Oil has Sedative and Calming Properties
  7. Can also be used as Natural Deodorizer
  8. Acts a Potent Diuretic Substance
  9. Might help in increasing your Focus and Treating ADHD
  10. It might keep Bugs and Parasites away from you
  11. It is Effective in Reducing Tensions
  12. Might be Effective in Reducing Fungal Infections
  13. It acts as a Potent Cough Reliever
  14. Might Help in the Treatment of Acne
This oil is approved by a lot of studies, to be one unique oil among all of the other essential oils. And here are some of the vital facts about this oil that might change your life for good.

1. It may Help in the Treatment of Eczema:

Eczema is one of the most common skin issues. And there are chances that you might already have been fighting this condition. Well in that regard I am here to help you out with the help of this essential oil. Eczema is a skin problem that results in red, dry, itchy skin that might get cracked or blistery. Want to prevent it, right? Some people find that this essential oil helps in reducing the nasty inflammation and dehydration that appears with eczema. There are some methods by which you can put this essential oil in your daily regimen, such as with addition of the oil in your skin cream, lotion, tonic or soap, having a massage with this oil on the areas which is infected or itchy along with a carrier oil by forming a homogenous mixture or take a bath with addition of five to six drops of this essential oil added to it. In these ways you cannot just treat this skin disorder, you can also prevent it on the first hand by using this oil regularly on your skin.

2. Can help you with Treating Hair Fall Issues:

No one is grateful to these hair fall issues and I am pretty sure you will be willing to your hair back or do not want your hair to fall. I know you love your hair and they are amazing. Your hair plays a vital role in your personality and you might not notice that but properly groomed hair will always give you a boost in your confidence. You can fix your hair fall issues with this oil. What does this oil do for your hair, right? Cedarwood essential oil is considered to stimulate your hair follicles, which results in increasing the flow to your scalp. This promotes your hair growth and limits your hair fall. Herbal medical experts and aromatherapists mostly advise using this essential oil for hair fall, thinning hair and other multiple types of alopecia. Are you wondering about the best oils that you can mix with, for better hair growth? There are a lot of proofs that combining cedarwood oil, in a mixture with the essential oils from rosemary, thyme, and lavender, on your hair follicles will promote your hair growth up to 44 %. This research was conducted on people dealing with hair fall after 7 months of treatment. To get the best results for your hair fall you can add this oil in your shampoo or conditioner, or simply putting this oil onto your scalp with a dilution of carrier oil such as coconut oil and let it steep for thirty minutes approximately before you can rinse it out.

3. Can Hydrate your Scalp:

A dry and unhealthy scalp might cause a lot of hair issues. It can damage the overall health of your hair. Plus it can increase the chances of permanent hair fall. How can I prevent that? Well, why am I here for? This oil can end your misery for sure, and you would not have to add any chemical agents on your scalp. Protect Scalp This essential oil is mostly used to hydrate a scaly or dry scalp. This amazing essential oil can stimulate your scalp and promotes flow. To make the most benefits of this oil, it is advised to mix a few drops of this oil with coconut oil. This will create a blend of antifungal and conditioning characteristics. Add this combination to your scalp, and massage it for about 5 minutes. If you want even best outcomes, let it seep in your hair for thirty minutes or so then rinse it out.

4. Contains Essential Antiseptic Characteristics:

This essential oil has some fabulous and surprising antiseptic characteristics that make it a must part of your daily routine. Cedarwood essential oil surely makes it to the top of the lists when essential oils are concerned in dermatology. The reason, which makes this oil such an important ingredient lies in a lot of amazing properties for your skin, which includes its antiseptic capabilities. As a natural antiseptic substance, this oil can protect you from the inclined growth of dangerous micro bacteria and pathogens. These bacteria can cause various dangerous issues regarding your skin health. Since cedarwood essential oil contains antiseptic characteristics, it can be used with the aid of carrier oil topically to sterilize any infected area. Simply dilute cedarwood essential oil with coconut oil or any other good essential oil that fits you and then you can put this combination to any cut or scrape to prevent and reduce infection.

5. Help to Treat Arthritis:

I know you need your joints they are used pretty much all the time but if they hurt and you are not able to move them? It is terrible right, well you can prevent that and even relieve the pain with the aid of this wonderful natural essential oil. Do you have inflamed joints and other tissues of your body? Well, these are some common symptoms of this painful condition called arthritis, these can put you to unbearable pain or uneasiness. This essential oil is proved to one of the finest essential oils for arthritis. The reason behind this property is that this oil has essential anti-inflammatory characteristics. Want even better? Well, the medications, which are said to be used in pain reducers for multiple joints and muscles, all have included this essential oil for its medicinal wonders. By using it superficially on the dermis, you can lessen the inflammation, which can then reduce joint stiffness and distress. You can externally apply this oil by diluting it with a carrier oil on the areas of distress or you can also go for taking a bath with the addition of 5 to 10 drops of this essential oil.

6. Can also be used as Natural Deodorizer:

I am sure you do not want anyone to feel any odour around you. As you know the first impression is the last and you should never give anyone such a sort of impression that will ruin your whole personality. Well, it is not that hard to get rid of that smell. Yes, you heard that right! The oil about which we are talking today acts as an amazing all-natural deodorizer. And if you use it regularly you will not have to be worried about people catching any odour from you. Cedarwood essential oil is soothing, calming and also owns a pleasing wood-like aroma. It gives an enhanced structure of any mixture of fragrances or oil combinations. Besides, when it is utilized around your happy place, it performs like a natural deodorizer to revive the air around you. Dispersing this oil or mixing it with a natural essential oil, body spray can provide you with ongoing healing effects for you and your close friends and family around.

7. Oil has Sedative and Calming Properties:

Aromatherapy is the technique of utilizing essential oils or other aromas to boost your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. There are a lot of studies that explain that if you desire to have that peace and comfort you should reach out for the cedarwood essential oil. A research was performed with the animal as subjects, concluded that this oil has been “flagged as having sedative effects. That is the reason, why you may wish to utilize this essential oil for sleeping problems. You can also try its sedative effects by diffusing this essential oil before bed.

8. Acts a Potent Diuretic Substance:

The more you urinate, the better it is for your overall health. More urination means more water is escaped out of your body including some salts and some harmful toxins (including nitrogenous waste). This essential oil’s active components, including beta-cedrene, cedrol, and thujone, are considered to have natural diuretic capabilities This represents that, increasing the frequency of urination of your body, to help the body in removing most of the toxins out from your body, it may be possible.

9. Might help in increasing your Focus and Treating ADHD:

Not able to keep yourself focused and motivated? Well, this oil can help you with that as well. There are some shreds of evidence that can back up this fact, although there is more research is yet required on the human side. There was a research conducted by Dr Terry Friedmann (M.D.) and Dennis Eggett (from Brigham Young University) concluded that using this oil on your delicate children could significantly increase their concentration and learning capability. Thirty-four young children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were given three essential oils (cedarwood, vetiver or lavender) to choose from and pick one. They were later on advised to draw in the aroma. Those children brought up a bottle of decided essential oil to their nose and they respired that aroma for at least three times for the next thirty days. At the end of the research, 30 children took an electroencephalogram (EEG) and T.O.V.A. test again to check their potency. The researchers observed that both the cedarwood oil groups and vetiver came across some improvements in brain action and lessened signs and symptoms that are involved with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

10. It might keep Bugs and Parasites away from you:

This essential oil is considered to push away insects, more specifically ticks, ants and fleas. You can mix this oil in simple distil water to sprinkle it on your delicate skin as a natural insect repellant spray to keep these insects at a distance from you in outdoors. You can also keep these insects out of your house or office with the aid of a diffuser. You can also go for a sprinkle solution, mixed with this essential oil on your home appliances, furniture, and kitchen to keep pests and insects away from you. There was a study, which calculated the potency of this essential oil and the active elements called cedrol within ants and ticks. The study concluded that the essential oil affected as a potent repellent to push those ants while the dark-legged tick nymphs faced amounts-depending demise when they were introduced to cedrol. Additionally, when this cedrol was utilized by researchers at the maximum amounts (6.3 mg/ml), the cedrol expired all of the ticks. Are you facing issues regarding moths ingesting your clothes? Just leave those smelly mothballs, and instead, you can utilize this essential oil, we talked about to push those moths away. The oil of dark red cedar is considered to end those larvae of clothing moths. With the addition of this essential oil to cotton balls and if you put these balls in your wardrobe, or on your hangers and even in the storage boxes you can remove all the moths present around eating your clothes.

11. It is Effective in Reducing Tensions:

Since this essential oil is a sedative in a mechanism, it contains the power, which can relieve stress and tension that can affect your health harmfully. It has a soothing and pleasing effect on your mind and body, lessens inflammation and other muscle aches, and diminishes skin irritations. There was research, which was published in 2017 concludes that the aroma present in this essential oil contains some cedrol, which can enhance sleep by promoting parasympathetic motion and cumulative serotonin secretion. There was an impressive study, which calculated the sedative properties of this essential oil. The study added rats that respired cedrol (a vital ingredient of the oil). it was observed that motor action in those rats was reduced significantly. These rats were given caffeine late on and classified as hyperactive as well, this oil also showed reduction inactivity. Sleeping duration in these rats improved as well. These aromatherapy characteristics of this essential oil can effectively aid people in fighting with a sort of stress and tension. All you have to do is respire this essential oil straight from the container or you can also diffuse a few drops of oil in your environment to have the benefits.

12. Might be Effective in Reducing Fungal Infections:

This essential oil can aid to prevent you from fungal microbes and other disorders such as food poisoning. There was a study performed at the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology in India, which concluded that this essential oil is a potent substitute for other antimicrobial compounds. It is said to be a potent element that can be used in the prophylaxis of both bacteria and fungus, which are responsible for oral infections. The study also revealed that cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, clove oil, and eucalyptus oil all are found to have similar antifungal characteristics.

13. It acts as a Potent Cough Reliever:

Because this essential oil has antispasmodic capabilities, it can aid to soothe a cough. If you have already caught a cough, you should go for this amazing essential oil before going for your bed to sleep at night. Massage two to three drops of this oil diluted with a carrier oil, topically on your chest and throat. Then massage it in for a few minutes. You can also add the apply this diluted mixture on your upper lip to aid yourself with respiration if you are stuffy.

14. Might Help in the Treatment of Acne:

This essential oil act as a natural antiseptic formula, this oil is commonly used as the best remedy for acne, which is a highly common and chronic skin disorder. There was a case reported and published in 2016, in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, it concludes how most dermatologists are adjusting towards substitutes of synthetic medicines such as using natural products like essential oils more these days. This case report, explains to us how the presence of this oil to a patient who has acne on its skin can be helped by controlling it. To nourish acne naturally, you must go by adding one to two drops of this essential oil to your lotion, cream, or face wash every day or night and use it properly.
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