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Eye Lash Growth Serum - Makes your eyelashes grow longer

Eye Lash Growth Serum - Makes your eyelashes grow longer - ChiltanPure
Eyelash serums have been the solution to short, thin, and dry lashes for a long while. Many women who use it have confirmed that it performs great wonders to their lashes.

Benefits Of Eyelash Enhancer Serum

Eyelash serums have grown in popularity over the years, and this is due to their high success rate in redeeming our short lashes. Eyelashes serum comes in different types with different properties.

Moisturizes the eyelashes and eyelids

Moisturizes the eyelashes and eyelids The skin can dry out and become brittle when the evaporation becomes excessive. Eyelash growth serums prevent water evaporation from the eyelids, thereby helping to keep the eyelashes soft, flexible, and moisturized.

Conditions the lashes

Eyelash serums help condition the eyelashes by nourishing them with nutrients which helps to keep the eyelashes from thinning and breaking.

Strengthens the lashes

Eye Lashes Growth Serum Lash serums help to strengthen the lashes by enhancing them with liquid crystal, botanical extracts, and essential vitamins. It further infuses bio-active ingredients to the lash line to support weak lashes.

Increases the eyelashes length

Increases the eyelashes length Eyelash boosters aid the growth of natural, healthy, and long lashes. It does this by extending the anagen phase of the eyelash growth, leading to the production of new lashes. It further supports this growth by supplying the hair follicles with the nutrients required for the development.

Darkens the eyelashes

Many eyelash serums contain ingredients that help darken the eyelashes. This reduces the need to use other darkening products such as mascara on the eyelashes.

Thickens the eyelashes

Eyelash serums support the growth of copious amounts of eyelashes. It activates dormant hair follicles and supplies them with essential nutrients such as peptides and biotin for continuous eyelash production.

Mascara is drying out lashes

While mascara may be a quick remedy for short, stubby lashes, the benefits are short-lived. Many mascaras contain ingredients that dry out your lashes and cause premature breaking, such as ethyl alcohol. This makes us feel even more self-conscious about our lashes, prompting us to use more mascara regularly. We restore moisture to the lash with a lash serum, preventing breaking and helping our eyelashes to reach their full potential. A top-quality eyelash serum may seem pricey at first. Still, when you compare it to getting regular lash fills, you'll see that it's a significant investment if you apply both morning and night, making it a worthwhile investment compared to lash extensions.

Lash extensions will last longer

Eyelash serum is necessary if you can't live without your lash extensions. Eyelash serum works to prevent breakage and premature lash fallout. Since lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes, the longer your natural lashes stay put, the longer you can maintain your lash extensions between lash fills.

Better for the environment

Choosing an all-natural eyelash serum is a sustainable beauty option. Artificial lashes create additional plastic waste, and lash glue contains harsh chemicals that are bad for sensitive skin and harmful to the environment. Choosing a sustainable eyelash serum such as Chiltan Pure Eyelash Serum eliminates the need for additional products such as mascara and false lashes, creating less waste.

Saves you time

Lash extensions will last longer Eyelash serum is perfect for women on the go, and all I need to do is swipe it on in the morning before I put on my makeup and in the evening before I go to bed. And since my eyelashes are now so full and luscious, I hardly ever bother with extensions, mascara, or other lash treatments, which saves me so much time in the long run.

Other Benefits of an Eyelash serum

There are various ways a lash serum is beneficial to your lashes
  1. They condition and moisturize your lashes. This helps to keep them healthy and to last as long before they eventually fall off .
  2. They help to repair damaged lashes. If your lashes are broken and thin, a lash serum will restore your lashes to their full glory in no time .
  3. Lash serums prevent your lashes from breaking or falling out unnecessarily .
  4. They also ensure that your lash follicles are in great shape and are functioning perfectly.
  5. They make your lashes grow fuller by stimulating your lash follicles to produce new lashes .
  6. They make your lashes longer by increasing the speed of lash growth.
  7. For blondes, who want darker eyelashes, lash serum can help you achieve that.
  8. They give your lashes a unique shine and luster, making them more beautiful.
Simply put, a lash serum makes your lashes longer, fuller, darker, thicker, and stronger at the end of the day.

Things you should know when using your lash serum

  • Buy lash serums that contain natural ingredients and vitamins. This drastically reduces your chances of getting aside.
  • Lash serums work best when you use them consistently. You should apply both at night and in the morning for the best results.
  • Eyelash serums are generally easy to apply on the eyelids. It comes with an applicator brush. Only use a small serum over the upper eyelid area for best results.


Sometimes out of carelessness, the serum may get into your eyes. This is not a severe problem. Ensure you wash your eyes with clean water and clean with a towel. If you develop irritation or swelling in the eyes, please consult a doctor.
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