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Hydrosols (Essential Water for Skin)

Hydrosols (Essential Water for Skin) - ChiltanPure
Hydrosols are pure healing waters that are produced during distillation. When the plant material is distilled, it's exposed to boiling water, steam or both. The steam breaks open the structures of the plant that contain the essential oil and other plant fluids. The water then contains the essence of everything alive and growing in the plant. The essential oil and hydrosol separate after complete distillation, with the essential oil floating on top of the hydrosol. Hydrosols can help support hydration, soothe inflammation, help cell regeneration and balance sebum. They are a great way to harness plant actives for use on your skin. Hydrosols allow you to continuously replenish the water content in your skin previously lost due to age and environment. Here are 18 simple ways to do just that

1.Post-Sun hydrator

After a day in the sun, lightly mist your body to feel cooled and refreshed.

2.Daily after shower mist

Daily after shower mist Spritz the body mist all over your body after you take a shower. The scent will be last longer as your pores are open and will absorb more of the mist.

3.Fragrance spray for your hair

Spray the mist lightly on your hair to leave it feeling hydrated and light fragrance.

4.Layer with your daily moisturizer

Layer with your daily moisturizer Start by moisturizing your body with your favourite unscented or scented lotion moisturizer. If you use a scented lotion, make sure it is a similar scent to that of your body mist – or choose a lotion and mist that complement each other. Spray the mist over your moisturized body; doing so will lock in the refreshing scent and help hydrate the skin more deeply.

5.Pre- and post-workout beauty plan

Make sure you pack it in your gym bag. To help prevent body odour, try misting the spray under your arms and other areas where sweat accumulates.

6.Use it on your pulse points

base of the throat To get the most out of your body mist, spray it directly on your pulse points (inner wrist, inside the elbow, behind the ears and knees and the base of the throat). Doing so will help amplify the scent.

7.Foot Spray

Spray the body mist on the tops and bottoms of your feet to help control odour and provide a refreshing scent to your feet.

8.Anti-itch spray

base of the throat If you've been bitten by an insect or have itchy skin due to dry skin or dandruff, try using the body mist on your itchy parts to ease discomfort.

9.Room Freshener

Spray the mist in your bedroom, bathroom or other space that needs a pick me up!

10.Linen spray

Use the mist to freshen sheets, towels, and other linens. It will give them a delicious scent that can help you relax and unwind before bed.

11.Car Freshener

Mist the inside of your car, but make sure you avoid any polished, painted or fragile surfaces.

12.Refresh your clothes

Refresh your clothes Spray the mist lightly on your clothes (avoid any sensitive or delicate fabrics) to give them a nice scent and to help eliminate any unpleasant musty or smoky odours.

13.Calming spray

Spraying the mist in your room and on your body can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

14.Manicure finger bowl

Instead of putting water in your finger bowl during your manicure, use a hydrosol in its place.

15.For your vacuum

of dust and pet hair Vacuums can build up an unpleasant odour over time due to an accumulation of dust and pet hair, among other things. To help eliminate this odour, spray the mist on a cotton ball and vacuum it up. The fragrance will then spread throughout your house as you vacuum. But beware – never spray directly into your vacuum cleaner as this can damage it!


After you've wrapped a gift for someone special, spray a little mist on the wrapping paper to make it more personal.

17.Personalized Notes

Spraying a little mist on a personal note or letter lets the recipient know they're extra special!

18.For professional aestheticians

Sandalwood Water small Spray the body mist on your client at the end of a treatment to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. For facials, mist on the steam towel before applying it to your client's skin.

Important tip

Hydrosols are around 30 times stronger than herbal teas and gentler than essential oils. They can be used for health, skincare, and perfumery and enhance food and drinks.


Hydrosols may be used in many ways. It can be as simple as adding a little peppermint hydrosol to water. It doesn't just liven your water up; it also helps with indigestion and bloating! Spritzing rose hydrosol onto dehydrated; sensitive skin will calm inflammation and add softness, also used as a relaxing pillow spray, to help prepare the mind and body for sleep.


Hydrosols have a relatively short shelf-life; they can last from 8-18 months when properly collected and stored. It is advised that hydrosols are stored in dark opaque bottles in a fridge to prevent bacterial growth and degradation as they do not contain any preservatives and can be sensitive to light and heat.


What are hydrosols good for?

It's great for cooling and soothing irritated skin (especially from bug bites) and helps to improve the appearance of skin that's been damaged by minor cuts and burns. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it's great for reducing redness. And its natural aroma is extremely relaxing.

Why are hydrosols good for the skin?

Yes, hydrosols are good for the skin. Rose Hydrosol – A key ingredient in many skincare products. The essential aromatic molecules of rose balance moisture in dry skin and relieve stressed skin. It helps rejuvenate tired-looking skin.

Are hydrosols moisturizing?

They have mild benefits compared to essential oils, however. The benefits of hydrosols for the skin depends on which plant or plants it's made from, but they can be moisturizing, toning and soothing.

Can hydrosols be used as a toner?

Hydrosols are gentle to use, especially as toners where you will be using them on your face, because they are a lot gentler than essential oils. You can use them in their purest form without adding any carriers or preservatives.
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