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Our Guide to Ginseng - The Miracle Skincare Herb!

Our Guide to Ginseng - The Miracle Skincare Herb! - ChiltanPure
Ginseng is a root found in Asia and parts of North America. Some people think this light-colored root’s lumpy shape resembles a tiny human. ginseng contains ginsenosides, a potential nervous system regenerator known as a neuroprotective. Though ginseng may be making its way into more and more beauty products in the Western hemisphere, it’s been a staple in Eastern Asian beauty for centuries.

Blur Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles might be adorable on pugs and grandparents, but not everyone loves them on their own face. Ginseng can help boosts circulation in blood vessels, potentially ramping up collagen synthesis and firming the skin.

Banish dullness

Ginseng serumAlong with jolting you awake, slathering on some ginseng may wake up your face. While the research on this still remains spotty, a little topical ginseng may brighten your complexion and keep dullness at bay.

Balance oil

Everyone loves a natural glow - not so much a shiny, oily slick. Whether your skin’s on the oily or drier side, ginseng’s antioxidant and moisture-retention properties just might help.

Reduce redness

Tired of waking up with inflamed, puffy skin? Ginseng has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may help alleviate redness, puffiness, and acne. It may even help certain skin conditions. ginseng extract improved symptoms like inflammation in people with eczema.

Makes Skin Glow

Ginseng’s antioxidant properties help protect the skin from environmental pollutants. Without this shield, pollutants may accumulate in the pores or stimulate melanocyte production, causing hyperpigmentation and other skin problems.

Puffiness and Inflammation

Puffiness or inflammation is often a result of poor circulation, which can lead to fluid retention. When you have fluid retention, something is stagnant in there, increasing circulation and oxygen and nourishing with vitamins and minerals, everything starts flowing, and you don’t have fluid build-up.”

Collagen Booster

Ginseng Powder Ginseng is effective in increasing the production of collagen in the skin’s dermis, firming, toning and plumping skin and diminishing wrinkles and fine lines. The herb also acts as a skin whitener, aiding in the fight against photo aging and pigmentation and making the complexion look brighter, lighter and more youthful.

Fight Hair Fall

It encourages hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and improving the health of hair follicles and cells, minimizing hair fall.

Add Ginseng into Your Skin Care Routine

Ginseng is ideal for moisturizers due to its hydrating properties. Use it as the final step in your morning or nightly skin care routine. Your skin care routine is going to depend on your age, needs, and time constraints. Follow the steps below:
  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Mask
  4. Tone
  5. Apply serum
  6. Moisturize
  7. Apply SPF
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