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How to Kill Sugar Addiction Naturally

How to Kill Sugar Addiction Naturally - ChiltanPure
We are going to go through step by step. The four steps you need to follow if you want to overcome sugar cravings naturally.

1. Balance Out Blood Sugar Levels

The first thing you have to do is you have to start adding in foods that balance out blood sugar levels and help balance out insulin. Now insulin is a hormone your body that works with your pancreas. That helps outbalance those blood sugar levels, and it's the main issue that people with diabetes have is either they're not absorbing, or they're insulin receptor sites aren't working correctly, or their body is not producing enough insulin. But if you want to overcome these sugar cravings, you've got to work with insulin. And so you've got to keep your blood sugar levels stable to do that there are three things you must add in your diet and every single meal you eat you need more healthy fat, protein, and fiber. And those three things will help balance out those blood sugar levels. They'll help keep you full longer and help you overcome sugar cravings. Some of the best foods in terms of protein are going to be protein sources like organic grass-fed beef, feral chicken, and free-range turkey eggs, even fermented dairy products raw cheeses eggs. Still, those are going to help to get good quality protein even organic protein powder like the grass-fed whey protein, but getting more protein in your diet is a great way to balance out those blood sugar levels to reduce sugar cravings. Healthy facts doing more nuts and seeds like sprouted chia and flax seeds are amazing. Almonds are a great source of fat coconut oil avocados ghee or clarified butter. So butter is great. So again, getting more healthy fat is crucial to bouncing out those blood sugar levels.

2. Overcome Sugar & Food Cravings

Step number two if you want to overcome sugar and food cravings is you've got to get the sugar and grains out of your diet. If you're over, it's kind of like a vicious cycle. The more sugar you eat, the more your body starts to crave it. And the first couple of days are the hardest. And what I would encourage you to do is slowly wean yourself off the sugar and then find some healthy replacements that help satisfy the sweet craving adding some organic stevia powder or stevia leaf in your diet and doing that with tea. Making some refreshment during the day with some Stevia is an excellent thing to kind of help with that sort of sweet craving you might have. As I said earlier, during the smoothie for breakfast, you can do some protein powder that's flavored can also help.

3. Right Supplements

Step number three is taking the right supplements that will help balance out blood sugar levels and precisely there is a trace mineral called chromium which is incredible especially if you're a diabetic but taking 200 micrograms of chromium per colon 8 three times a day can really help steady out your blood sugar levels and so what you may consider doing is going online finding a high quality chromium supplement and actually taking that with your meals three times a day can help balance out blood sugar levels reduce sugar cravings. Also, B vitamins help taking a high-quality B complex vitamin D can help you overcome sugar cravings especially Vitamin B 12 vitamin B 6 so taking a B complex vitamin and those are some of the top ones, and the third would be a probiotic supplement probiotic supplements help reduce sugar cravings because of they. Help get rid of yeast in your system in yeast in harmful bacteria feed off of sugar. The probiotics are going to help keep that yeast balanced in the body. So again, the best supplements are going to be doing a high-quality chromium supplement a B complex supplement and a probiotic supplement. If you want to reduce those sugar cravings fast, also getting a high-quality fiber supplement or just adding a few tablespoons of sprouted flax and chia in your diet are also fantastic.

4. Right Type Of Exercise

And last but not least, start doing the right type of exercise. Still, ideally, you would do weight training or birth training, which is interval cardio but stop doing long distance cardio like running or triathlons or things like that that cause your body to start craving sugar. So doing some essential weight training yoga polarities or as I said burst training that helps balance out blood sugar levels and keep you from having sugar cravings. So if you follow those four steps, I laid out you are going to see significant improvements in overcoming your sugar cravings naturally. Hey, thanks for reading guys.
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