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Why Should I Use Cuticle Oil? The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Hydrated Nails

Why Should I Use Cuticle Oil? The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Hydrated Nails - ChiltanPure
Nail cuticle oil can increase the circulation around your nails, stimulating nail growth. It can also help to protect your nail and cuticle against trauma. The oil can also help improve the health and appearance of your nail. If you paint your nails, cuticle oil can also protect your polish for a lasting shine Cuticle oil is a moisturizing product for your nails and cuticles. It’s most commonly made up of vegetable oils and sometimes contains vitamins and citric acid

Strengthen and Thicken the Nails

Cuticle oil promotes blood flow, in turn promoting thick, strong nails over thin and weak ones.

Extra, Last-Minute Barrier to Protect Your Nail Polish

After a manicure, applying cuticle oil will protect your nails from any immediate, incidental disturbances. Anything that interacts with the oil will slide off instead of sticking to the nail and disrupting the polish.


Cuticle oils also tend to be full "of other minerals that are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial to prevent the development of fungus that can impede nail growth,


Most common ingredients in cuticle oil, one benefit of using it is that it tends to be rich in nutrients and vitamins. The thin nature of these typically cuticle oil makes it easier for them to be fully absorbed into the nail area quickly, making for a fast-acting and trustworthy product.

Nail Will Shine

Nails & Cuitcle Oil Say goodbye to dull and chipping nails and hello to a healthy shine that will glisten even before you have given them a manicure or applied any polish. Bolstered by the nutrients and vitamins within, cuticle oil will give your nails and surrounding skin the hydration and strength they need to create a natural glow that lasts.

Heals Damage

Cuticle oil is a gentle product that is safe for sensitive skin. Therefore, not only should its application be free of irritation, but it also will likely heal the damage that may have accumulated around cuticles, and surrounding skin. The antioxidants that come naturally to the central ingredients of many cuticle oils will promote regrowth and regeneration on a cellular level, leaving the area stronger than before.

Prevents Chipping

This is one benefit that will win every manicure addict’s heart. There’s a reason why your nail technician always ends your manicure session with some cuticle oil. This is because when your nail base is dehydrated, the gel nail polish ends up separating from your nails, leading to it chipping faster than expected.

Prevent Infections

Many ingredients of cuticle oil are naturally infused with antibacterial properties. This is an amazing built-in benefit since it releases potential stress over any bacterial and fungal growth that could negatively impact the nails and surrounding skin.

Stimulates Growth

One of the great things about cuticle oil is that the combination of its nutrient-dense makeup and the massaging process used to apply it thoroughly amounts to increased circulation in the nail area, thereby stimulating growth. Not only will the nails then grow in faster, but the cuticle oil will also end up helping your nails to come in even stronger and healthier than they were before. This is due to the naturally hydrating and fortifying properties of the product.

Quick Tips

  • You can wear gloves and let the oil stay overnight, to achieve maximum benefit out of this technique.
  • For best effect, you should use cuticle oil every night for 1-2 weeks in order to fully rejuvenate and moisturize the areas around the nails.


Apply cuticle oil after every manicure and pedicure however daily, in the evening before you go to bed. Where the nails can soak up all the vitamins and minerals, as the oil works its magic overnight. Use a cotton ball, applicator, or brush of choice to lightly dab a few drops of the oil before massaging for a few minutes to ensure that the product is fully absorbed.
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