Garlic Conditioner Hair Mask – Promote Hair Growth, Balance PH Level of Hair, Makes Hair Healthy & Shiny 250 ml
ChiltanPure Garlic Conditioner Hair Mask Garlic Conditioner is rich in garlic, which aids in the growth of healthy hair. Its unique blend of garlic and other nutrients strengthens the hair shaft, preventing hair loss and breakage. It also provides lustre...
Rs. 999
Garlic Oil – Prefect Addition to Your Daily Cooking & Healthy Routine [لہسن] 250ml
Chiltanpure Garlic Oil ChiltanPure Garlic infused oil has so many uses beyond marinades and vinaigrettes, too! We use it to add flavor to pasta dishes, mashed potatoes, roasted meats, and soups. It’s delicious to dip crusty bread in as an...
Rs. 999
Garlic Powder – With Powerful Cholesterol Lowering Ability & Combat Obesity [لہسن] 250gm
ChiltanPure Garlic Powder ChiltanPure Organics produce finest Garlic powder. A unique seasoning, made from dehydrated garlic and use in cooking for flavor enhancement. Additionally, our garlic powder is best to lower cholesterol and thin the blood, which helps prevent stroke, high...
Rs. 899
Garlic Shampoo – Enhance Hair Growth, Prevent Dandruff, Gives Shine to Hair & Repair Split Ends 250ml
Chiltanpure Garlic Shampoo ChiltanPure Garlic Shampoo contains garlic extract to help restore the natural balance of hair, resulting in firmer, faster-growing hair. Massaging the shampoo into the scalp stimulates hair follicle regeneration and circulation. This gentle detoxification formula removes excess...
Rs. 1,120
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