Ginseng Lotion – Brilliant Overall Complexion Booster, Helps Balance Oil Production, Helps Quell Redness & Puffiness – Regenerates Skin Cells 150ml
ChiltanPure Ginseng Lotion Ginseng Men Face & body Lotion deal with dullness, ginseng’s coffee-like energizing factors will be a great fit for your skin-care routine to help brighten and revitalize your complexion. Hyperpigmentation is no match for ginseng either, as...
Rs. 999
Ginseng Serum – The Skincare All-Rounder (جنسنگ) 30ml
ChiltanPure Ginseng Serum ChiltanPure Ginseng Serum is designed to naturally enhance blood circulation to make your complexion look more lively while replenishing the necessary nourishments for healthier, younger skin. This serum works amazingly & is brilliant overall complexion booster. Its roots...
Rs. 999
Ginseng Powder – Energizing Supplement (جنسنگ) 80gm / Tongkat Ali
Note: Organic products can naturally attract bugs. To keep them away, tightly seal the jar after use and keep it in a cold, dry place. ChiltanPure Ginseng Powder "ذائقہ کے لیے شہد کے ساتھ استعمال کریں" ChiltanPure Ginseng Powder is believed...
Rs. 2,999
Ginseng Clay – For Men – Extremely beneficial for skin, Derived from natural sources, Perfect Blend for aging skin, Detoxifies the harmful bacteria (100% result) 200gm
ChiltanPure Ginseng Clay Our vast range of clay masks are made up of a perfect mixture of clays, such as kaolin, French green clay, fuller earth, bentonite and extracts derived from natural sources which are extremely beneficial for your skin’s...
Rs. 999
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