Grapefruit Essential Oil – Natural Energizer & Mood Booster- [چکوترا] 20ml
Chiltanpure Grapefruit Essential Oil Grapefruit has a fresh, clean, uplifting aroma that is slightly tart while also being pleasant and sweet. For inhalation, Grapefruit has been used to uplift the spirits and relieve stress For skin and hair care applications,...
Rs. 1,360
Grapefruit Oil – Treats acne, helps to even out skin tone, high in vitamin c, reduces dark circles 100% pure organic [Infused] 250ml
Chiltanpure Grapefruit Oil ChiltanPure grapefruit oil contribute to healthy skin by preventing and treating skin conditions like acne. The vitamin-rich fruit helps to even out skin tone and work as a natural astringent to prevent acne. Grapefruit is also high in Vitamin C, which...
Rs. 999
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