Peppermint Essential Oil - Enriched With Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Microbial & Refreshing Properties [پودینہ]
ESSENTIAL AROMATHERAPY – Peppermint is revitalizing, invigorating and cooling with a fresh, strong mint scent that is energizing and uplifting. Ideal for purifying the air and help lessen negative energy and influences that can affect our days. 100% PURE/UNDILUTED – Our essential...
Rs. 690
Peppermint Oil - Controls excess oil on the skin, helps heal cracked lips, soothes irritation & inflammation - 100% pure organic oil [Infused]
Chiltanpure Peppermint Oil Chiltanpure peppermint oil naturally cleanses the skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It has a cooling effect that soothes irritation and inflammation due to acne. Peppermint oil also is used for a variety of health conditions and can be taken orally...
Rs. 999
Pure Castile Liquid Soap [Peppermint]
ChiltanPure Castile Liquid Soap with Peppermint Not all soaps are created equal that’s why, Chiltanpure Castile Liquid soap is made from plant-based oils. It has been lauded for years as being gentler and more versatile than any other soap out there. Chiltanpure...
Rs. 1,050
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