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Ajwain Seeds – Balance your body, mind & spirit, promotes lower blood pressure, contains anti-inflammatory properties, improves cholesterol level – pure organic
Chiltan Pure Organic Ajwain Seeds Chiltan Pure Ajwain seeds have a small amount of oil in them known as ajwain oil. The oil contains thymol, a phenol that gives the fruit its thyme-like smell. Thymol is commonly used to treat digestive problems....
Rs. 250
Ajwain Honey [Carom-اجوائین]
ChiltanPure Organic Ajwain Honey ChiltanPure Ajwain Honey is high in anti-fungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. It is an instant remedy for a stomachache. Hence, if taken with warm water, then it is very effective in treating recurrent cold, indigestion and stomach acidity....
Rs. 1,199
Almond Butter – Creamy, Rich in Nutrients, Vegan, Smooth & Delicious
When you think of nut butter, your first thought may be that they are heavy in fat and calories, which they are. The good news is that almond butter has a high fiber content and that its natural fat is...
Rs. 1,999
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