Vitamin E Serum - Brightens & Repair Skin [وٹامن ای]
ChiltanPure Vitamin E Serum is a lightweight moisturizing serum that enhances moisture and retains it in your skin. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties that reverse the signs of aging and makes your skin younger and smoother. It repairs and protects...
Rs. 1,299
Vitamin C Clay 🍊 Reduce the Appearance of uneven skin tone, give Healthy Skin, Promote Collagen Production, prevent premature aging – 100% Organic
ChiltanPure Vitamin C Clay ChiltanPure Vitamin C clay helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and minimizes the fine lines and wrinkles. It leaves you with vibrant, healthy-looking skin, remove acne scars and general dullness. You can name just...
Rs. 999
Vitamin-E Lotion - Used as a Moisturizer To Treat or Prevent Dry, Rough, Scaly, Itchy Skin & Minor Skin Irritations (e.g., Diaper rash, Skin Burns From Radiation Therapy)
ChiltanPure Vitamin-E Lotion ChiltanPure Vitamin E Face & Body Lotion help skin cells and overall skin health. Vitamin is an antioxidant. It’s often used in topical skincare products. Vitamin E Face & Body Lotion delivers daily moisturization to improve the...
Rs. 999
Vitamin-A Lotion - Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties - Helps To Regulate Skin Cells, Reduces Clogged Pores, Stimulates Collagen Production, Reduces The Appearance Of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
ChiltanPure Vitamin-A Lotion ChiltanPure Vitamin A Face & Body Lotion helps to speed up healing, prevent breakouts and support the skin’s immune system and it promotes natural moisturising – which means it helps to hydrate the skin effectively, giving it...
Rs. 999
Vitamin E Clay - An Effective Natural Barrier to the Sun - Remove Impurities, Good for skin Hydration, Save skin from free radicals, Prevent Wrinkles from Face
ChiltanPure Vitamin E Clay ChiltanPure Vitamin E Clay help cleanse your skin by removing the impurities and the skin. Vitamin E is also a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can be soothing and help calm the skin. It’s also good for...
Rs. 999
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