BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) Serum - Treats Acne, Evens Skin Tone, Brightens & Smoothens Skin!

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  • Eliminates Dead Skin
  • Prevent Blackheads
  • Reduces Redness
  • Treats Sun Damaged Skin
  • Soothes Inflamed Skin
  • Fights Acne & breakouts
  • Gives Youthful Effect
  • 50ml

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A surplus of oil produced by your glands may block pores. As your skin generates more oil, your likelihood of having clogged pores increases. But various additional elements, including UV deterioration, aging, skin care products, and hair follicles, can also result in larger pores.

Fights Acne-Prone Skin & Welcomes Smooth, Even Skin!

The salicylic acid-infused Bolan Clinic BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) Serum exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogs pores for a more even skin tone, and significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This BHA serum includes green tea extracts that saturate the face with nutrients while fighting acne-causing bacteria deep within the pores.

This BHA serum contains salicylic acid, which enables it to penetrate your skin more thoroughly and help with pore cleansing. You can lessen pore size, breakouts, and blackheads with BHA products.

Since its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, BHA serum is an excellent choice for oilier skin since it may soothe acne-prone skin without creating any burning or tingling. Because it contains 1% Hyaluronic Acid, our BHA serum is not drying to the skin.

Amazing Facts

  • The "glue" keeping surface skin cells is broken down by BHAs, enabling the clearance of old cells.
  • They help to remove the buildup of oil and dead skin cells in pores, which makes them cleaner and more cosmetically pleasant.
  • BHAs are primarily used to treat acne and UV damage. By removing excess oils and dead skin cells from the deepest regions of your hair follicles, these remedies clear clogged pores.
  • If you want to minimize the redness caused by rosacea, BHAs can be more beneficial.
  • BHA is a great option if you'd like to lessen inflammation and eliminate acne.
  • BHA serum is routinely used on the face to improve the texture and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Removes Dead Skin Cells

BHA Serum, called beta-hydroxy acids, are excellent for exfoliating the skin. They dissolve the "glue" holding surface skin cells together, making it simpler to remove dead and dull skin cells gently. This process speeds up cellular turnover, resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin while minimizing clogged pores and enhancing skin texture. BHA Serum might be a helpful addition to skincare routines for those who wish to look fresh and youthful.

Prevents Blackheads

Exfoliating properties of BHA Serum make it vital for eliminating the buildup of dead skin cells and excess oil that can clog pores. By effectively unclogging pores, they contribute to a cleaner, healthier complexion. This process helps prevent breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads for a more aesthetically pleasing complexion, in addition to improving the overall appearance of the skin. BHAs are an efficient method for keeping clear, radiant skin.

Treats Acne & Sun Damaged Skin

Bolan Clinic BHA Serum is frequently used to treat UV damage and acne. By effectively eliminating dead skin cells deep inside the hair follicles and drying out excess oils, they help unclog pores and prevent additional outbreaks. Since they offer a targeted approach to addressing the underlying causes of acne and aid in restoring the skin's balance, these products are an essential component of skin care regimens meant to combat acne and mend sun-damaged skin.

Reduces Rosacea-related Redness

It has been discovered that BHA Serum can reduce the redness caused by rosacea. They aid in pore cleaning and removing dead skin cells, which lessens inflammation and redness. Additionally, BHAs can support a more balanced skin barrier and regulate sebum production, which may aid rosacea patients with their skin by relaxing their complexion. BHAs may be successful in helping those who desire to lessen the rosacea-related redness in their skin.

Anti-Aging Serum

This acidic serum improves the skin's overall texture while treating facial wrinkles and fine lines. Due to BHAs' exfoliating properties, dead skin cells are removed, promoting cellular turnover and revealing smoother, more youthful-looking skin. BHA serums can smooth the skin's surface and reduce the appearance of larger pores by penetrating deeper into the pores. Use BHA serum as part of your skincare routine for a complexion that looks younger and has improved texture.

Soothes Inflamed Skin

Our BHA (beta hydroxy acid) is generally viewed as a more advantageous option for reducing inflammation and treating acne. Its exfoliating properties help to clear up clogged pores, get rid of extra oil, and get rid of dead skin cells—all of which are major contributors to acne breakouts. BHA has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritated skin and decrease acne-related redness. Adding BHA to your skincare routine can help you fight acne and produce a clearer, calmer complexion.



Take 2 to 3 drops.
Apply it all over your skin.
 Tap or rub gently.

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BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) Serum - Treats Acne, Evens Skin Tone, Brightens & Smoothens Skin!
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