Foundation Serum (SPF15) - Lightweight, Protect From Sun Damage, Conceals Flaws, and Provides Full Blendable Coverage For Semi-Matte Finish!

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  • Lightweight
  • Full Blendable Coverage
  • Semi-Matte Finish
  • Radiant Complexion
  • Conceals Imperfections
  • Moisturizes Skin
  • Hydrating Effect
  • Protection from Sun Damage
  • 50ml

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The Bolan Clinic Foundation Serum with SPF 15 is the beauty secret you've sought to get a perfect makeup look! This full-coverage, lightweight liquid foundation immediately transforms all skin tones. Discover the appeal of its silky-smooth consistency as it glides over wrinkles and imperfections, leaving you with a flawless appearance and a bright, semi-matte finish. Organic foundation Serum also offers SPF 15 sun protection, making it essential for your everyday routine.

 Glow With Semi-Matte Finish That Gives Breathable Full Coverage For Your Daily Makeup!

The pigment processing in this format results in a rich, deeply saturated appearance. These pigments are suspended in our patented spreadability technology, which makes hues seem natural on the skin, prevents fine lines from forming, and keeps them in place for a longer period. The foundation has a satin finish and works well with most primers, but it works best with our Face Primer.

Amazing Benefits

  • Due to its greater hydrating properties than other foundation formulas, serum foundations are suitable for all skin types and tones. They work well on dry skin since they include a hydrating component.
  • It helps conceal blemishes and gives the skin an airbrushed look with a radiantly brilliant finish when applied to the face in a buffing motion.
  • Bolan Clinic Foundation Serum improves skin tone and gives the illusion of a more lively, lovely complexion. It has SPF15 to help prevent pigmentation brought on by UV rays.
  • The foundation absorbs readily into the skin and starts to operate from the inside out because of the various skincare ingredients.
  • The serum's formula smoothes out flaws for a soft-focus matte look and offers full, comprehensive, and buildable coverage.
  • This amazing serum works all year long, keeps its setting in the summer, and layers well over thick moisturizer in the winter.
  • Its full coverage hides imperfections while giving the skin a lovely, smooth feel.


Semi-Matte Finish

Bolan Clinic Foundation Serum's semi-matte texture strikes the perfect chord between a dewy shine and a chic matte appearance. With this coating, you could get a natural-looking appearance that is neither too dewy nor completely matte. It gives the skin a polished appearance that lasts the whole day while supplying a delicate brightness and eliminating excessive shine.

Moisturizes Skin

Our Bolan Clinic Foundation Serum offers various benefits and may be used on the skin of all shades and kinds. Due to their high moisture content in comparison to other foundation formulas, they are the most hydrating. They work well on dry skin since they are moisturized and provide excellent nutrients. Therefore, serum foundations have shown to be advantageous choices for various skin types and tones.

Shields From Sun Damage

By levelling out the skin's tone and giving it a young, radiant aspect, Bolan Clinic Foundation Serum aims to improve the skin's appearance. Its ingredients include SPF15, which provides protection against UV-induced pigmentation and assists in avoiding sunburn. With this serum, you may gain a more even complexion and safeguard your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure.

Nourishing Ingredients

Several skincare elements in the foundation serum allow it to readily permeate the skin and begin doing its transformative magic from the inside out. By feeding and improving the state of the skin due to this deep absorption, the foundation may address underlying problems and promote a better complexion. By working from the inside out, this foundation promises total skincare benefits and a flawless finish.

Bright Complexion

The lightweight foundation serum's formula was created to offer complete coverage that could be intensified to the highest possible level. It creates a matte look with a soft focus, giving the skin a healthy shine while perfectly concealing blemishes. The serum's multifaceted properties ensure a flawless complexion with a polished look, giving the skin a radiant and refined appearance.

Flawless Application in Every Weather

This adaptable foundation serum is an excellent choice because it performs consistently throughout the year. Despite the summer's heat and humidity, it keeps its position. It effortlessly layers over thick moisturizers in the winter, satisfying dry skin needs and ensuring a perfect application. Because of its adaptability, this product offers a solid remedy for any weather conditions.

Smooth & Soft Skin

The wide coverage of this cream perfectly hides flaws for a flawless complexion. It hides imperfections and gives the skin a pleasing, smooth feel. Because of its excellent covering capabilities, this product assures the user of a flawless complexion and leaves the skin with a smooth, glossy finish.

After executing your CTM (Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing) routine, apply a tiny amount of Bolan Clinic foundation serum all over your face. Blend the foundation serum onto your face and neck with a beauty blender or a foundation brush. Shake well before use.

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Foundation Serum (SPF15) - Lightweight, Protect From Sun Damage, Conceals Flaws, and Provides Full Blendable Coverage For Semi-Matte Finish!
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