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10 Health Benefits & Uses of Bael Fruit Powder

10 Health Benefits & Uses of Bael Fruit Powder - ChiltanPure
Bael Fruit, also known as Aegle marvellous, is a highly nutritious fruit from India, Pakistan, and other Southeast Asian countries. It is an important medicinal plant to cure health conditions and typical colds. It is a highly aromatic, sweet ripe fruit with a cooling effect. An amazing fact about Bael Fruit is that you can use any part of the plant for medicinal purposes; it can be its leaves, fruit, or branches, and it will benefit you. ChiltanPure Bael Fruit Powder offers you a chance to live a healthy and nutritious life with the help of the best product for your joints, diseases, and digestive health. In this powdered version of Bael Fruit, no chemicals or artificial preservatives are added, making it extra healthy for your body. It fights off infections, has anti-bacterial properties, can cure diseases such as cancer, and boosts your energy levels. It consists of many healthy nutrients, vitamins, and Phytochemicals which serve the body with anti-inflammatory properties. Beal fruit is rich in Vitamins (A, C & B complex), Beta carotene, Potassium and Ripoflabin. Together, they help regulate your body and eliminate the disease-causing bacteria.

Benefits of Bael Fruit Powder


Scurvy causes weakness in joints and bones because of the absence of vitamin C. Bael fruit contains vitamin C and antioxidants, which helps restore strength and cure diseases. To relieve all your pain and make you feel young once again.

Joint pain

The powder of Bael fruit is also quite helpful in relieving joint and bone pains. It fulfills the requirement of Vitamin C deficiency in your body and reduces the pain in joints and bones to provide you with healthy and strong joints.


Organic bael fruit powder has anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties to eliminate bacteria causing diarrhea. The anti-bacterial properties of this powder helps lower the colonization of harmful bacteria in the stomach and cures diarrhea and stomach pains.


It is excellent for preventing skin infections as it has anti-fungal properties. It is also used to reduce rashes and the effects of fungal infections. ChiltanPure bael fruit powder also gives a cooling effect when used, and you can add those powders to your drink to stay fresh and cool.

Prevent Cancer

Bael Fruit Powder is beneficial for your health, as it contains many advantageous antioxidants and vitamins to protect you from many diseases, including cancer. It has the best phytochemicals, some of which are also for the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Blood Purifier

As it is rich in potassium, it helps clean out toxins to purify the blood. And it can also benefit people with liver or cholesterol problems. Purified blood vastly affects your body as the body needs the best to work great too. It also means that the skin would get rid of old dead cells and replace them with new ones, and you will have a glamorous glow on your skin.

Aids Digestion

It works as a laxative as it does contain some of its properties and is best for digestion. The powder of Bael fruit has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so it works like magic for people with digestive problems. Bael fruit powder also helps relieve inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS) as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It can ease upset stomachs by reducing inflammation in the digestive tract.

Heart diseases

Bael is a natural antioxidant and is hugely beneficial for treating heart conditions. Organic Bael Fruit Powder plays a crucial role in treating various heart diseases. It not only makes the heart muscles more robust and lowers blood cholesterol levels but also prevents lipids from building up, lowering the risk of blocked arteries, which can cause blood clots and eventually lead to a heart attack.

Gastric Ulcers

The contents present in Bael Fruit are highly effective in reducing gastric acid, which reduces the formation of gastric ulcers by preventing damage to the stomach lining.

Energy booster

ChiltanPure Bael fruit powder is made by drying the fruit to make it easy for people to consume. It has a Vitamin B complex, which provides carbohydrates and glucose to boost your energy. And as these vitamins are water-soluble, it won't be a problem dissolving this powder in liquid. Also, look at some of our recipes below for delicious and nutritious uses of Bael powder.


Bael powder mousse with coffee


Bael powder– 2-3 teaspoons Condensed milk – 30 gm Whipped Cream – 200 ml Instant coffee – 6 gm


  • Use a spatula to combine Bael fruit powder and condensed milk, then refrigerate.
  • Mix the bael mixture in after whipping the cream to a firm froth.
  • Add instant coffee.
  • Pour the mixture into a dish.
  • Sprinkle coffee on top and add a mint leaf as decoration.
  • Serve cold.



Three teaspoons of ChiltanPure bael fruit powder 1 cup milk Sugar as per taste A pinch of salt 4-5 Finely chopped Almonds (optional) Raisins (optional)


  • Combine Bael fruit powder and milk.
  • Stir until thoroughly mixed.
  • Add sugar and salt and mix well.
  • Take a clean bowl and pour the smoothie.
  • Garnish it with almonds and raisins if you want.

Bael powder drink

It's time to replace energy drinks and coffee with ChiltanPure bael fruit powder. Here is a recipe for you to try and gain an energy boost.


2-3 teaspoons of bael fruit powder One glass of water


Take 2 or 3 spoons of powder. Add it to lukewarm water. Mix well and enjoy.

How to use

Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of water or milk. Once or twice daily.


  • Do not consume on an empty stomach.
  • Consult your physician/ doctor before use.
  • Do not consume in pregnancy without discussing it with your doctor first.
  • Do not take more than the recommended amount, or it may cause an upset stomach.
  • For diabetic patients: Monitor sugar level as bael lowers blood sugar.
  • Avoid bael fruit powder as it might affect blood sugar during or after surgery.
We recommend stop using it two weeks before your surgical procedure


Q: Are there any harmful side effects of beal fruit powder?

A: If you use it more than the required amount, you might experience constipation or stomach problems. But other than that, ChiltanPure bael fruit powder is 100% organic and only consists of natural ingredients.

Q: Can I add bael fruit powder to food?

A: You can make many things with bael fruit powder, such as smoothies. You can even add this in juices, milk, and lukewarm water.

Q: Is it beneficial for kidney patients?

A: Yes! It is suitable for blood purifying and treating the liver and heart, as well as it contains high levels of potassium in it and removes toxins from the body.
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