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Almond Oil Benefits: For Skin, Hair and Health

Almond Oil Benefits: For Skin, Hair and Health - ChiltanPure
Don’t you all want a dewy winter bright beauty and aesthetic lifestyle; all answers lie in use of great miraculous almond oil. It can not only be used in some foods items but it is a wonderful gift of God for us that can be used to gloom the everlasting beauty and eventually raise your social status. As almond is known as the King of Nuts, its oil isn’t any less when it comes to health benefits. In early days, almond oil was considered to be one of the most premium luxuries and only royal families were the ones to have it. But now, you can get it very easily in its organic form through standard companies. It is the source of enormous benefits that one should make a vital part of their everyday routine. Oh no! It’s not that expensive when it comes to health benefits.
  1. Benefits for Skin
  2. Amazing Benefits for Hair
  3. Work as a Moisturizer
  4. Remove for Dark Circles
  5. Have Anti Dandruff Property
  6. Protect your Nails
  7. Treat Eczema
  8. Almond Oil Increases the Libido
  9. Non-Comedogenic Property
  10. Control of Cholesterol Levels
  11. Prevention from Atherosclerosis
  12. Prevention from Breast Cancer
  13. Remove Acne from Face
  14. Increases Facial Hair
  15. Maintains Testosterone Levels
  16. Helps in Stretch Marks
  17. Increases Heart Life
  18. Helps in Body Weight
  19. Prevents Sunburns
  20. Use for Sinus Congestion
It will save you from wasting a lot of money on expensive products that add nothing but toxic chemicals in your body in order to apparently enhance your beauty. Listed below are a few of the uncountable benefits of almond oil including both the beauty benefits and those related to your overall health:

1. Benefits for Skin:

Everyone wishes to have soft and bright skin like that of people living in cold hilly areas (say people of Hunza valley here in Pakistan), almond oil is something that provides you with the solution. Thanks to Vitamin E present in sweet almond oil that keeps your skin moisturized and fresh which ultimately makes you look younger and energetic. It also protects your skin from UV Radiations but excessive use can promote melanin synthesis. Just a few drops of almond oil are enough to apply on the skin to attain such skin benefits.


Put a small amount on your skin. If you notice redness or itching, do not use almond oil as your body is hypersensitive to almond oil.

2. Amazing Benefits for Hair:

Long Hair Long Hair
When you are concerned with the overall look of your hair, organic oils are the best natural tonic one can rely on. Now, which oil can give you shiny, long and thick hair? There are many, almond oil is one of the best ones. It nourishes hair body and promotes hair growth by strengthening its roots and follicles. It is necessary for proper nourishment of hair and gives them a Beautiful, Glossy and Shiny Appearance. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium which nourishes the scalp and reduces hair loss plus hair damage.

3. Work as a Moisturizer:

Dry or patchy skin is no more a problem now if you got almond oil on board. It can protect skin from dirt and acts as a potent moisturizer. A few drops of almond oil can be applied directly on the skin but it has to be done in a controlled manner because repeated use can clog skin pores. It is a superb moisturizer that has got some great fungal inhibiting characteristics.

4. Remove for Dark Circles:

Dark Circle Dark Circle
Dark circle are not going to stay dark anymore with the aid of almond oil. The composition of almond oil makes all that possible. The presence of Vitamin E and Vitamin K are both super effective in removing dark circles and make the under-eye skin soft, smooth and glossy without causing any harm to the skin.

5. Have Anti Dandruff Property:

Keep either dandruff or almond oil because they can never be together. It is the one having powerful moisturizing abilities and keeping skin hydrated. It can never allow dandruff to stay even close to you. Just warm up some almond oil and massage up your scalp gently and let it settle for some hours or even for better result keep it settle for one night and an effective result can be seen against dandruff.

6. Treat Eczema:

Tired of fighting eczema and itching, make almond oil your ally and you do not need anything else. Eczema is not a big deal anymore due to almond oil’s fungus inhibiting and anti-inflammatory properties. It will soothe your skin and eradicate all the redness and itching from the skin giving you the best smooth skin you ever had.

7. Protect your Nails:

Tired of brittle nails? Then no need to waste time and go for almond oil. It gives your nails the exact strength that you always craved for. It has vitamin E that keeps nails Hydrated and Nourished, providing them with all the necessary nutrients to give considerable strength. It acts as an antioxidant and prevents fungal growth on nails.

8. Non-Comedogenic Property:

Other commonly used oils, when used in mixed form, might end up clogging skin pores. In the case of sweet almond oil, there is nothing to be worried about. It is the one which is not going to clog any skin pores and is always welcomed and appreciated by Dry, Rough, Oily, Patchy or Sensitive Skin. It satisfies every skin type and hydrates it to nourishes that for a better, smooth appearance.

9. Almond Oil Increases the Libido:

Low libido and erectile dysfunction are common issues faced by our youth nowadays. Keeping almond oil by your side takes away half the stress! It is one of the essential oils that can increase libido and resolve your stress. Intake and massage of almond oil will boost up male hormones causing great sexual arousal and ending the misfortune days of past. It will ultimately boost your libido and reduces mental pressure. This results in increased efficiency of its user by taking away the mental distress related to the ailment.

10. Control of Cholesterol Levels:

Cholesterol Cholesterol is a necessary evil. Our body cannot function properly if we do not have cholesterol and excess low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is nothing but a disaster. It can clog up arteries and cause blockage of blood resulting in embolus formation which will cause a heart attack. It increases the amount of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) which does not allow embolus formation. It effects on low-density lipoproteins and decreases them due to its anti-inflammatory effect in the body.

11. Prevention from Atherosclerosis:

The plague that builds up in arteries and veins due to that blocks blood flow is termed as atherosclerosis and almond oil plays a great role in keeping your body fit and disease-free. It not only just reduce the chances of blockage it ultimately prevents the body from angina and heart attack. Just a few spoons of almond oil will be enough for your body to keep it in normal function.

12. Prevention from Breast Cancer:

Breast Cancer is a disease that is one of the epidemic disasters nowadays. Breast Cancer mainly depends upon the diet you are taking. Which diet could be good that does not involve almond oil? It is a wonder drug that can help you in prevention from breast cancer. It works best due to its composition which includes a bunch of minerals such as copper, chromium, phosphorus and manganese. In spite of minerals almond oil also contains riboflavin and Vitamin E, all these elements are best for your daily clean diet required for prevention from diseases such as breast cancer.

13. Remove Acne from Face:

girl_acne Almond is been used up for skin issues from centuries and if you are losing your confidence due to acne, almond oil is the one you can look for your solution and eliminate all depression out of your life. Due to this oil’s water-retaining properties, it works as a good potion for you. It has fatty acids stored up which binds water with your skin and it hydrated, ultimately quitting your stressed days.

14. Increases Facial Hair:

Every grooming teenagers wishes for a thick, shiny, strong and macho looking beard for him well his dreams can be turned into reality with the aid of light massages with sweet almond oil. It nourishes the hair follicles and promotes facial hair growth giving a strong, dense structure to hair body and turns your dreams into reality. Plus almond oil intake also maintains androgen hormone which promotes your facial hair growth.

15. Maintains Testosterone Levels:

With the increasing age factor, your testosterone levels start to deplete and a proper diet for keeping your pumps flowing is very much essential. It plays an outstanding role in keeping your manliness and not letting it fade away with time. It keeps your testosterone inclined naturally without any synthetic substance. Testosterone does not only enhance your libido but since it’s the male hormone it gives your body a good macho bulked up characteristics.

16. Helps in Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks on your body appear to be disgusting? No need to hide them anymore, when you can make them disappear. Simply, rub few a drops of almond oil on your palm and massage them on the area you want to make smooth and flawless. Daily use of almond oil will remove stretch marks like they were never there in just a few weeks. It not only removes stretch marks but also prevents them from appearing on your body. As in pregnancy those who massage their lower abdomens with almond oil daily are much less likely to have them and when they appear this habit would help you in getting rid of them soon.

17. Increases Heart Life:

Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle of their own and enjoy the maximum wonders they can on their feet. Well by use of the sweet almond oil your heart life increases and you can live every single day with joy. It reduces bad cholesterol from the blood and removes the visceral fat around the heart which increases its age. One to two spoons of almond oil are enough to consume.

18. Helps in Body Weight:

Are you still struggling with the obese body and you are still unable to put on your favourite shirt? Well, almond oil the answer to all your questions. Just take a few spoons of sweet almond oil and make it a routine in your daily life. It works best for obesity due to its composition plus it increases the level of good Carbohydrates in the body which reduces your excessive depositories. Gradual use of almond oil boosts your metabolic activity and depletes fat levels.


Before using almond oil you should check to take very little amounts in order to test hypersensitivity against almond oil! If you feel cough, suffocation and other irritations do not use almond oil. Hypersensitivity can cause you discomfort and irritation instead of giving you any benefits so it is better to avoid when you are hypersensitive to any substance.

19. Prevents Sunburns:

Sunburn Sunburn
When it comes to sun, as it is said sunburns all so it is always going to be you who has to protect your own self. And when it comes to radiations which are emitted out by the Sun, they can cause multiple disorders on the people they fall. In such cases, you definitely going to need a sunblock or sun cream to protect yourself from sunburns and this problem can also be sorted out with the aid of almond oil. It contains Vitamin E which gives skin nourishment and smoothness, plus due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids almond oil keeps your skin hydrated and act as a powerful sunblock. In addition to all these benefits, you can also have shiny tanned skin by using almond oil as sunblock.

20. Use for Sinus Congestion:

If you are having some issues in respiration and that makes you irritated, almond oil is also a solution to this problem. Since almond oil has its anti-inflammatory properties it clears any blockage in your nasal path. Sinus congestion causes the limited supply of oxygen which is followed by headache and dizziness, almond oil is the one solution to that problem. Just putt 1-2 drops in your nostrils most probably at night and repeat it until you get some proper results for congestion. It not only is good for sinus congestion it also helps in less production of mucous and softens the whole nasal pathway which makes you feel comfortable while breathing and gives you an adequate supply of oxygen for normal functioning.


Try hypersensitivity test by putting a few drops on your skin, any irritation can cause disease if used in with hypersensitive body towards this oil.
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