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13 Outstanding Black Currant Oil Benefits for Health

13 Outstanding Black Currant Oil Benefits for Health - ChiltanPure

Black Currant Oil Benefits and Uses of Health

Black Currant Oil and extracts can reduce the risk factors for metabolic conditions which include diabetes; both type 1 and type 2. It has its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-toxic, antiseptic and anti-cancer characteristics. The black currant seed oil, leaves, fruit and flowers of black currant fruit are used to make medicine that helps in the reduction of high cholesterol. The usage of this oil has been done in traditional as well as modern civilizations due to its benefits being anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant. Black currant fruit is used to flavour liqueurs, jams, and ice-cream. The delicious berries, once known as ‘the forbidden fruit’ are now known as a powerhouse of vitamins. They are believed to carry four times more Vitamin C than oranges.

Black Currant Oil Benefits as a Health Care

  1. For Massage Purpose
  2. Benefits of Currant for Nails
  3. Benefits of this oil for Haemorrhoids
  4. Use of Blackcurrant in Labor Induction
  5. Benefits in Ovarian Cysts
  6. Blackcurrant fruit Oil Packs
  7. Do not use Blackcurrant fruit Oil in
  8. For Liver Detoxification
  9. For Gastrointestinal Disorders
  10. Used for Food and Preservatives
  11. Gynaecological Benefits
  12. This oil used as Cosmetic Products
  13. As an Ingredient of Pharmaceutical Products

1. Black Currant Oil for Massage Purpose:

It has good penetration power. It penetrates deeply to increase circulation and relax the muscles. This property makes it good for massage purposes. Emotional or physical stress? No worries! Now you just need to massage yourself with castor oil to improve your muscular pain symptoms. You can do that every week or according to the tone of your muscles and related symptoms.

2. Benefits of Black Currant Oil for Nails:

The application of castor oil to nails gives healthy cuticles. It is used in the treatment of brittle nails. Take a small cotton bud. Add a few drops of castor oil on it. Apply it gently on your nails with a cotton piece and leave it for the whole night. You will notice a change in the overall look of your nails.

3. Benefits of Black Currant Oil in Haemorrhoids:

Haemorrhoids are inflamed blood vessels that may appear externally and tend to bleed on passing stool. Bleeding along with the passage of stools can lead to anaemia and its complications like fatigue, loss of concentration, etc. Haemorrhoids and bleeding associated with the disease have constipation as a major contributor to the overall illness. Castor oil cures the cause and also provides relief from haemorrhoids through its topical use. Sometimes, haemorrhoids at their advanced stage (Grade 4) get thrombosed which is a painful condition. By soothing inflammation, castor oil also treats the painful condition of haemorrhoids. You can add a few drops of castor oil in milk or locally apply Blackcurrant fruit oil using a finger before and after passing stool. It will control the inflammation as well as constipation. This way, castor oil can be used in the non-pharmacological use of castor oil in the treatment of haemorrhoids. Similarly, it helps in resolving constipation in the painful condition of anal fissures.

4. Use of Black Currant Oil in Labor Induction:

Black currant fruit oil has good penetration power. The oil penetrates deep into the skin, blood and lymph vessels to increase the local blood flow. Increased circulation increases the access of hormones to the tissues. induce labour Through hormonal effects and its local effects on smooth muscles, Black currant fruit oil helps in the induction of labour in women who need an intervention due to slow body responses. It is also recommended in pregnancy.

5. Black Currant Oil Benefits in Ovarian Cysts:

Ricinoleic acid along with antioxidants strengthens the immune system by increasing lymphocytes. The strong immune system eliminates the toxins out of the body in general and specifically on cystic lesions if present in the body. Through this mechanism, ovarian cysts are eliminated out of the body. A lot of women nowadays present in the Gynae clinics with the complaint of infertility, ovarian cysts being the cause of many.

6. Black Currant Oil Packs:

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies in its 1990 version introduces castor oil for pain and inflammation relief. The idea of using Blackcurrant fruit oil packs on patients is so beneficial to health. It is becoming a general practice of many clinicians to use and recommend castor oil packs for pain management and many other disorders. Though it’s hard to encompass all the uses of castor oil in one article, a few of many are listed below though;
  • Application on sprains or other soft tissue injuries.
  • Use on joints for arthritis or other structural issues causing pain.
  • Blackcurrant fruit oil used for the cure of swollen lymph nodes and support of lymphatic system including lymph vessels, spleen, and thymus.
  • Calming effect and emotional support by specifically applying on the abdomen and solar plexus.
  • For support of lungs in respiratory diseases like asthma, pneumonia and pulmonary oedema.
  • Use in dealing with menstrual cramps affecting the daily routine of women having periods.
  • Use for benign breast lumps like cysts causing discomfort

7. Do not use Black Currant Oil in:

  • Pregnant women
  • Open wounds
  • Malignant tumour

8. Black Currant Oil for Liver Detoxification:

Blackcurrant fruit oil, with its antioxidants and Ricinoleic acid, does toxins eradication and supports the liver in the detoxification function. Many patients get an improvement in symptoms of toxification by the use of black currant oil. It even gives benefits to patients with Lyme disease.

9. Black Currant Oil for Gastrointestinal Disorders:

Not only it deals with constipation but it also improves digestions and other GIT issues including colon, gall bladder, and liver. A few drops of Black currant fruit oil mixed with water or milk can strengthen the digestive system by increasing the efficacy of its muscles.

10. Use of Black Currant Oil in Food and Preservatives:

It can also be used for baking purposes. It adds flavour to candies and other bakery products.

It is used for packaging purposes due to its good preservative potential. In Indo-Pak, it is widely used in the preservation of food grains as it prevents them from rotting.

11. Gynaecological Benefits of Black Currant Oil:

Blackcurrant fruit oil has got the potential to treat early symptoms of fibroids and endometriosis. Due to increased abdominal pressure, the patient complains of pain, excessive urination, constipation, and other similar issues. Blackcurrant fruit oil deals with all of them quite efficiently.

12. Use of Black Currant Oil in Cosmetic Products:

Blackcurrant fruit oil is known to be a hydrating agent used in many cosmetic products. It is used as a natural emollient with good conditioning effects. It can be applied on lips before the application of lipstick to help it soak and give a glossy look. It acts as a lubricant in many other cosmetic products. In other words, if you want to make your make-up look naturally shiny or glossy, just add a few drops of blackcurrant oil to it and enjoy the results.

13. Black Currant Oil as an Ingredient of Pharmaceutical Products:

It is seen in the ingredients of many pharmacological products. It potentiates their strength of functioning as it shares healing properties with those medicines. Following are a few medicines containing blackcurrant fruit oil as an ingredient.
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