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Dhamasa Booti Powder (Fagonia Arabica) - Beneficial for Infertility, Fights Against Allergies & Blood Purifier

Dhamasa Booti Powder (Fagonia Arabica) - Beneficial for Infertility, Fights Against Allergies & Blood Purifier - ChiltanPure
"Suchi booti" or "Jadoo ki booti" is a single herbal medicine that has miraculous curing effects on general health issues. Some people confuse it with camel thorn, but it is different. Dhamasa Booti or Fagonia has fragile leaves that grow between two thorns. The thorns are arranged in a trio or quartet. The plant's branches are so thin that it can't grow straight, so it's laid out on the ground in the shape of a small bush. The plant spreads out 9-12 inches in a circle. Depending on the growth stage and parts of the plant, the taste can be bitter, sweet, sharp, or sour. The Middle East, Germany, Italy, Pakistan, and India are all home to this plant. Many Dhamasa booti have anti-cancerous properties and are also cancer-fighting herbal medicine. Mainly the flowers and leaves of Dhamasa booti are used prevents cancerous diseases.

Benefits of Dhamasa Booti Powder

Benefits for Skin

Dhamasa booti has anti-allergic properties, and it is effective in curing different kinds of allergies. The use of Dhamasa booti powder can fight off various skin diseases like pimples, acne, smallpox, cysts, and hyperpigmentation. The plant's twigs are used as a snakebite treatment and applied externally as a paste to tumours and neck swellings. It is used to heal pimples and other dermatology problems. It is advised to consult a dermatologist before giving it a try.

Benefits for Infertility

It improves the sperm count in men’s and also helps in normalizing female and male reproductive systems.

Benefits for PCOs and Other Female Problems

Its leaves and flowers can treat PCOS or PCOD. It also controls Leucorrhoea in women. Besides this, it cures Athra, an incurable disease in females. But it is better to consult with a gynaecologist first to get better advice.

Cure Heart Diseases

Dhamasa booti has haemostatic characteristics, which can dissolve blood clots in vitro. It can help treat cardiac diseases like heart attacks, strengthen the heart, and prevent heart problems. Dhamasa can be utilized as a haemostatic agent for patients with atherothrombotic disorders.

Blood Purifier

Fagonia Arabica is a blood purifier that possesses thrombolytic and antioxidant activities. Dhamasa booti is used to purify the blood and break down blood clots, thus protecting us from various health problems that later prove fatal. These chronic health problems include brain haemorrhage blood disorders like Thalassemia.


It is effective in curing a multitude of allergies. The use of Dhamasa booti powder can fight off various skin diseases like pimples, acne, smallpox, cysts, and hyperpigmentation.

Protect Liver from Diseases

Fagonia helps fight liver-related diseases like liver cancer, proving very beneficial for the liver. It improves overall liver health and keeps liver diseases away.

Curing of Asthma

Dhamasa booti proves very effective in treating breathing difficulties. If you have asthma, using Dhamasa booti helps in asthma & breathing difficulty.

Other Benefits

  • Its leaves and flowers treat all types of Thalassemia.
  • It is used for the cooling effect.
  • Helpful in treating body pains.
  • Improves mental and cardiovascular health
  • Cures allergies.
  • It alleviates symptoms such as vomiting, burning sensation, thirst, etc.
  • Strengthens liver and stomach
  • It enhances the weight and physical strength of underweight people.
  • Cures gum and mouth disorders
  • Controls the weight of obese
  • Normalizes blood pressure disorders
  • Helps to recover the side-effects of smoking.
  • Treats breathing and asthma difficulty
  • A hot infusion of Dhamasa Booti is given to prevent smallpox.
  • It provides relief from neck stiffness.
  • It increases urination to overhaul the kidneys and urinal system.
  • Its antioxidant properties help in reducing stress.

How to Use Dhamasa Booti?

  • Use 5-10 leaves after grinding, immediately after meals twice a day for two weeks.
  • You can consume the green part of its branches, including thorns, leaves, woods, flowers, and fruits combined after grinding them in water. It's enough to drink a cup or a half of semi-filtered juice twice a day after meals.
  • You can also mash and grind its green branches or leaves into a thick paste, then shape them into chickpea-sized tablets. Take two tablets with breakfast or dinner.
  • If not available in green form, you can purchase it dried from a Chiltan Pure. Grind them all together and fill full-sized capsules with the powder. Take 1-2 capsules twice a day, immediately after meals.
  • It has shown great curing results when used as a liquid for two weeks.
  • The best way to consume fagonia powder is to prepare it with desi ghee. The preparation is very easy; you have to add 100g of fagonia powder in 6 tablespoons of heated desi ghee. Desi ghee is used to remove dryness from powder. Do not forget to place prepared fagonia powder in an airtight container. Add one tablespoon of prepared fagonia powder in a cup of lukewarm water and only drink it with a full stomach.


Swallowing it with an empty stomach may result in gastric problems. Fagonia Arabica (Dhamasa Booti) is a natural blessing upon us, and it is used as herbal medicine to cure many different health problems without any adverse effects.


1- What is Dhamasa booti used for?

It is used to cure many illnesses, as discussed above.

2- How to use Dhamasa powder?

Fill its powder in full-sized capsules and take 1-2 capsules after meals, twice a day.

3- Is Dhamasa helpful for headaches?

Yes, Dhamasa provides relief from headaches.

4-Why do we take Dhamasa powder?

Dhamasa powder helps in blood purifiers, decomposes blood clots, and has many other health benefits.
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