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Poppy Seeds ( Khash Khash) - Acts as a Natural Analgesic, Improve Digestion & Promote Mental Health

Poppy Seeds ( Khash Khash) -  Acts as a Natural Analgesic, Improve Digestion & Promote Mental Health - ChiltanPure
Poppy Seeds (Khash Khash) is an oil seed obtained from the poppy flower. Poppy seeds have a solid anti-inflammatory ability and are thus actively used in Ayurveda preparations for treating inflammation. This magical seed treats sleep disorders like insomnia. If insomnia occurs due to emotional issues such as anger or distress, these can also be treated with Khash Khash. It scores high on several accounts like dietary Fibre, minerals (calcium and iron), vitamins, and omega-6 fatty acids. This herb has medicinal properties and is used in bath soaps for external application. The tiny kidney-shaped seeds of Khash Khash are popularly known as Poppy seeds in the English language. Different names worldwide refer to this herb, and it should not be confused with the Poppy cultivation done in certain countries for narcotics. Poppy seeds contain benzoic acid, furfural, and vetiver, all of which have significant health benefits. This herb is commonly used in Indian and Pakistani cuisine and Ayurvedic medicinal preparation.

Benefits of Poppy Seeds

Improve Fertility

Poppy seeds play a pivotal role in boosting female fertility. They are known to remove mucus from the fallopian tubes and aid in achieving pregnancy. They also enhance sexual desire and improve sexual health by boosting libido.

Fights insomnia

Fights insomnia Poppy seeds effectively induce sleep, and the seeds help bring down stress levels, known to create a calming effect. They can be consumed in the form of tea or made into a paste and mixed with warm milk to enjoy a blessed slumber.

Bone Strength

Being rich in copper and calcium, Poppy seeds help improve bone health. The manganese in these seeds helps produce the protein collagen that protects the bones from severe damage.

Improves Digestion

Improves Digestion Poppy seeds are a rich source of insoluble Fibre and help strengthen the digestive system and treat constipation effectively.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Poppy seeds have an abundance of dietary fibers present in them. They play a role in reducing the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body and keeping the levels of good cholesterol up. Poppy seeds are also rich in iron and improve the circulation of blood. Blood pressure levels are kept under control with the use of poppy seeds, and they also contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial in reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Cure Mouth Ulcers

Poppy seeds are an excellent treatment for mouth ulcers. Regulate Blood Pressure Oleic acid, an essential component in Poppy seeds, reduces blood pressure levels.

Good for Eyes

improve vision Poppy seeds are high in zinc and antioxidants, which help improve vision and fight against eye illnesses like Retinal Degeneration.

Improves Cognitive Functions

Poppy seeds are rich in iron, which helps purify the blood and increase hemoglobin levels. Consumption of poppy seeds can improve blood circulation, which results in an optimal supply of oxygen to every part of the body, including your brain. This can help neurotransmitters function efficiently and improve the brain's cognitive functioning.

Treat Kidney Stones

The potassium content in Poppy seeds helps treat kidney stones and prevents their re-occurrence.

Good for Thyroid

Zinc is a pivotal element for thyroid glands; Poppy seeds are rich in zinc and crucial in proper thyroid functioning.

Diabetes Treatment

Poppy seeds occupy an integral place in a diabetic's diet. The manganese in the seeds helps in the treatment of diabetes.

Natural Analgesic

Many ancient medical practitioners have employed poppy seeds' analgesic effects to relieve pain and discomfort in their patients. Poppy tea, produced by combining the seeds in hot water, has also been suggested as a way to relieve pain. A poppy seed has a vastly higher pain-relieving property.

Treat Dandruff

Treat Dandruff Apply a paste made of soaked Poppy seeds, white pepper, and hanging curd to your hair. Allow for a half-hour of drying time before rinsing. Use regularly to keep dandruff at bay.

Promotes mental health

Dry poppy seeds have low levels of opium alkaloids, which have positive benefits on the human body, such as calming nervous irritation and acting as a painkiller.


Poppy seeds are found in bakery products, like bagels and muffins, and they can also be added to salads as dressing and eaten with vegetables. Use poppy seeds as a topping to add some crunch to cheese or toast.


The use of poppy seeds for the treatment of insomnia should be monitored, and it should be in minimal quantities since there is a likelihood of developing dependency. Poppy seeds should be regularly consumed, and poppy seeds can cause a positive drug test for opioids if consumed in excess.


Can Khash Khash be consumed daily?

Yes, Khash Khash can be consumed daily by eating the seeds directly, making a paste of it, adding it to a glass of milk, or steeping the grains in hot water to make Khash Khash tea. Apart from its calming effects and benefits to the digestive system, Khash Khash is an excellent way to boost your dietary Fibre. How does Khash Khash improve sleep? Khash Khash is a good source of the Magnesium that our body needs for many cellular processes. Magnesium is also involved in decreasing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. By reducing this hormone's magnesium content, Khash Khash can help with more prolonged and deeper sleep.
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