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Surprising Benefits of Sandalwood!

Surprising Benefits of Sandalwood! - ChiltanPure
Sandalwood is an excellent ingredient that is natural, reliable, and effective. It is usually available as a brown-beige-looking smooth powder derived from the fragrant wood of the Genus Santalum tree. Sandalwood contains a wide range of medicinal properties and is used for treating various skin ailments.

Traditional Uses of Sandalwood

Sandalwood Oil In traditional medicine, sandalwood oil has been used for the treatment of headaches, stomachache, urinary and genital disorders. The antiseptic and astringent properties of the oil, are used in the treatment of inflammatory and eruptive skin diseases. The oil has been used in the traditional Ayurvedic medicinal system as a diuretic and mild stimulant, and for smoothing the skin.

Helps in Removing Tan

The natural oils present in sandalwood helps skin to get rid of a suntan. It also helps to soothe sunburn and has cooling effects on the skin.

Cures Itching and Irritation

Itchy skin layers are frustrating and unpleasant. Sandalwood powder will help heal all these skin irritations making your skin layer gentle. The herbal oils within sandalwood might help cure these medical issues and even instill the natural skin oils into the skin layers.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The anti-inflammatory properties of sandalwood help to heal any burning sensation caused due to acne or sunburn. The powder can also use to treat insect bites or any other skin wounds.

Promotes Glowing Skin

Anybody can apply sandalwood powder to get crystal clear skin. Blend rosewater with sandalwood powder to produce a fluffy cream & then massage it over the collar and face. Let it rest to dry up for a couple of minutes & then sprinkle some water on the dried up sandalwood paste to blunt it, after which slow wipe it by creating circular movements. Finally, wash it off thoroughly. This is not merely is for removing dark spots but will also assist in treating different types of skin infections. Regular use of antibacterial sandalwood powder can fight acne-causing bacteria, exfoliate the skin, soothe sunburn, remove suntan, and reduce signs of aging like dry skin and wrinkles.

What does sandalwood do to the skin?

Sandalwood Honey Sandalwood helps nourish the skin, improves the elasticity of the skin, and even our skin tone. Because of these qualities, it can be beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars. Sandalwood, when combined with honey helps to prevent or minimize hypertrophic or thick, raised scarring.

Sandalwood Powder:

Sandalwood Powder Sandalwood powder is readily available in a ready-to-use powdered form. It's believed to combat excess body heat and acts as a blood purifier for many skin conditions, including acne.

Sandalwood Oil:

Sandalwood Oil Sandalwood oil promotes calmness, lowers stress, and improves sleep quality. It often helps to calm the mind and induce sleep.

Hydrosol or floral water:

sandalwood Extracted from the wood, sandalwood hydrosol spray is a wonderful way to refresh linens and small rooms. It can also make a soothing face and hair mist.

Safety Precautions

Sandalwood is generally considered safe for most users. But always do a patch test before applying sandalwood to your skin. Never swallow essential oils or apply undiluted essential oils directly to the skin.
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