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The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Primer Base!

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Primer Base! - ChiltanPure
Whether you like to apply a full face of makeup every day or prefer a more simplistic approach to beauty, makeup primer may be the best new addition to your makeup bag. Makeup primer will be your best friend if you want to keep your makeup looking fresh all day. Who doesn't want that? Primer Base will minimizes your pores, nourishes your skin, and makes your makeup last longer. Makeup primers are also used underneath your eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, mascara, and even nail polish to create a smooth base that helps keep your other products in place all day. It creates a natural-looking glow and suitable for all skin types.

What are the benefits of using a Makeup Primer Base?

Seals Pores:

One of the main benefits of using a makeup primer is it seals your pores. If you choose a liquid foundation, you already know that no matter how small your pores are, liquid foundation can make them more visible. Makeup primer takes care of all that by sealing pores and creating almost a blanket over them.

Softens Skin:

Makeup primer base is for the way it softens your skin. It seems to make it velvety soft, which enhances the smooth effects it has on your makeup appearance.

Smoother Makeup:

While we’re talking about how smooth it makes your makeup look, that’s another benefit all in itself. Using a makeup primer before you apply makeup makes your entire face look like velvet. It’s really such an alluring appearance, it’s hard to go without using one after you get used to it.


Most makeup primers don’t really have anti-aging properties, but Chiltan pure makeup base primer may include anti-aging ingredients. Yet what they do is make your skin appear much more youthful since they smooth out fine lines. This creates a more youthful appearance and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduce Redness:

Another benefit to using makeup primers is they reduce redness and won’t irritate your skin. if you have redness issues, since they seem to help dramatically.

Any Skin Type or Color:

The absolute best part about using a makeup primer is they work with any skin type, along with any skin color. There are no shades to choose from, so selections are easy.

FAQs about Makeup Primer

  1. What are makeup primers and how do they work?

Make up primers are nothing but a base on which the makeup sits better. These primers are coats that you apply on your bare skin, even before you apply your foundation. Primers are available in the form of powders, lotions and gels. The primers are primarily used to protect your skin against the heavy makeup that you apply,
  1. Can you use a primer without foundation?

A primer and a foundation should ideally complement each other. If you are going for a very glamorous look, with a lot of makeup and want it to last you the whole day, it is advisable for you to use both the primer and the foundation. As we know, the primer acts as a base and the foundation evens out the skin tone. So both are important. However, for natural look you can use primer without a foundation too.
  1. How long will the makeup last if I use primer?

A good primer prevents makeup from spreading for about 8 hours or more. Chiltan pure primer promising to retain makeup on the face for a long time.
  1. Do primers clog your pores?

Makeup primers contain silicon. The silicon helps to provide a smooth look and also helps the makeup to stick on better. However, too much silicon can be bad for your skin. It can travel to the pores and clog them. So look for makeup primers that have a lower content of silicon.

How to Apply Face Primer?

  • Start with a cleansed and moisturized skin. Apply sunscreen of your choosing, and then you’re ready for primer.
  • Squeeze out the primer on the back of your hand, mix it with your finger to warm up the product and then dab it all over your skin.
  • Gently rub the primer in. Make sure to get every area and crevice of your skin and face - from your cheeks, to around your nose, temples, forehead line and chin.
  • Once the primer absorbs, you’re ready to apply your foundation.
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