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White Rice Serum-Improves Hyperpigmentation, Soothes Sensitive Skin, Good for Acne & Dark Spots

White Rice Serum-Improves Hyperpigmentation, Soothes Sensitive Skin, Good for Acne & Dark Spots - ChiltanPure

White Rice Serum

White Rice Serum contains natural ingredients that promote cell growth, minimize pores significantly and keep the skin smooth and bright. Its natural ingredients include white rice germ essence from raw, gluten-free white rice, known to heal acne, reduce inflammation and redness, and help nourish, hydrate, and replenish skin. If you are battling acne scars, dark spots, redness and blemishes on your face, this is the perfect product for you. Using this serum will leave your face rejuvenated with even-toned skin, bright and blemish-free after just a few weeks. White rice also contains antioxidants and other natural proteins, which help restore your skin’s elasticity and prevent sun damage and pollutants. It also fights signs of ageing and fine lines, replenishing the skin for a more youthful look—no need to worry about skin dryness any longer. Enjoy soft and moisturized skin from now on. This product quickly absorbs the skin, leaving it soft and non-greasy with a light fragrance.

White Rice Serum Benefits


anti aging It contains Glycerin. Glycerin is a plant-based oil, and it is responsible for fighting against premature ageing. And it helps to moisturize the skin to prevent ageing.

Whiten/Lighten skin

Whiten Lighten skin It helps to brighten the skin. It contains rice flour, which helps to brighten and whiten the skin. Vitamins and proteins work their magic to make a face shine and develop healthily.

Pores minimization

White Rice Serum Although pores are not completely removable, the regular use of this serum can help to minimize pores dramatically. Excessive oil, skin debris, ageing contributes to the looking of pores. This serum helps to minimize pores by removing premature ageing, skin surface darts and oils.

Oil controls

It controls oil for your skin It controls oil for your skin. Glycerin works as a toner for your skin, and it decreases fat from your skin without producing excessive oil.

Prevent skin infection

White rice serum contains antioxidant properties; it plays a significant role in preventing skin infection from environmental pollution. The Glycerin of this serum works as an anti-bacterial and won healing ingredients. So, bacteria on the skin cannot be grown, and They die quickly on your skin.

Promotes cell growth

repair dead skin cells It promotes cell growth on your face skin. It contains vitamins and natural proteins; it contributes to growing a cell on your skin. The skin cell growth helps to repair dead skin cells and make your skin naturally attractive skin.


Anti wrinkle It will remove wrinkles from your skin, and it increases skin permeability. As it moisturizes skin, protects from the dryness of the skin, hydrates skin, your skin will be permeable, and your face wrinkles removed.

Soothes skin

soothe skin Skin conditions like inflammation, rashes and dermatitis benefitted greatly after regular use of rice serum. It is the most natural astringent you can ever imagine, thanks to its high starch content, and is suitable for people suffering from chronic acne and pimples as well.

Protects from Sun

Protect from skin Rice contains natural antioxidants that protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. In Addition, it can also treat sunburns. Just apply it on sun-damaged skin, and it will help your skin recover faster. Rice Serum is also helpful in tightening open pores.

Remove pigmentation

Remove pigmentation Rice serum contains different multivitamins, which helps brighten the skin and makes skin an even tone. If you dip a cotton ball in rice serum and apply it to your face, it works wonders. You’ll find sun spots, pigmentation, hyperpigmentation and freckles lightning in a week or a two.

How to use White Rice Serum

• Wash your face and tone. • Squeeze 1 to 2 drops of white rice serum in your palm and rub palms, or use a cotton. • Gently apply it to your look with palm or cotton in a circular motion until it absorbs into your skin. • Use twice a day (morning and night) to get the best result. • Start seeing a significant difference in skin clarity after 2 weeks of use.
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