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Somato Child growth Powder - Nutritious Drink for Children's Physical & Mental Development

Somato Child growth Powder - Nutritious Drink for Children's Physical & Mental Development - ChiltanPure
ChiltanPure Somato Child Growth Powder is uniquely formulated with proteins, vitamins, zinc, iron & minerals to fuel a child's growing body. It is excellent for short stature or lean children, Picky eaters, Athletes or active kids & a child in need of a protein boost. This nutritional growth powder is scientifically proven to increase height and weight when consumed regularly. 40% percent of Pakistan's children under five years old are underweight, and the country ranks sixth in the world for growth-stunted children. According to an Annual Status of Education Report.

Why is it Necessary for Children to Intake Growth Powder?

A six-year-old child undergoes rapid physical and cognitive development, which needs to be supported by adequate nutritional intake. Ensuring that your child has a complete, balanced diet then becomes crucial. Unfortunately, it is common for parents to encounter moments whereby food intake is compromised throughout these growing years. Such moments could be when the child is a picky eater or falls sick.

Nutritional Facts


Supports the immune system, bone formation, and iron absorption


Helps maintain a healthy nervous system and aids in developing cells


Is an antioxidant that supports immune system cells


Supports immune function and healthy growth and development


Helps build bones, muscles, and skin and plays a vital role in the growth and many bodily functions


Helps build bones and keep them strong


Helps with the formation of bones and teeth remember, feel, see, hear, talk, move, and more.


Minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, and fluoride are essential for the growth of your child.


Feeds the brain and helps it function properly


Supports eye health


Supports brain function and development


Helps in Physical Growth

The amino acids present in the powder help build muscles and the child's physical growth. It contains essential nutrients that provide complete and balanced nutrition to help support your child's height & weight gain and brain development.

Supports growth and development

This powder contains high-quality protein, calcium, and vitamin-D3. The regular consumption of this drink with a well-balanced, healthy diet could help gain weight and height within 24 weeks.

Immune support

Somato powder contains antioxidant compounds such as vitamins C and E and selenium. A study showed that regular use of oral nutritional supplements, like somato powder, in nutritionally at-risk picky eating children with upper respiratory tract infections helps maintain their weight during acute infections. Every shake has protein, vitamins A & D, zinc, vitamins C & E, and selenium, antioxidants essential to immune function, and Somato powder contains all these nutrients in one frame.


Some nutritional drinks contain gluten that is not suitable for children with gluten sensitivity, intolerance, or allergy children.

Getting enough sleep

Sleep promotes growth and development in children and teenagers. During deep sleep, the body releases the hormones it needs to grow, and getting enough sleep may allow optimal growth. In contrast, availing all the nutrients in somato getting enough sleep.

Bone Development

This nutritional health drink is rich in essential vitamins, iron, and calcium and is scientifically proven to increase height and weight when consumed regularly. It also helps in the strengthening and development of bones.

Highest DHA

This growth powder is formulated with the highest DHA that supports brain growth and development, and it enables improved concentration, learning, and problem-solving abilities.


It contains energy-boosting nutrients such as choline, vitamins, minerals, etc., needed for optimal growth and development and to endure the desired level of physical activity.
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