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Baby Liquid Soap - Top to Toe, Tear Free, Free from Dyes, Deep Cleanses Baby's Skin
My-Mimi Moisturizing Baby Liquid Soap gently cleanses, nourishes, and moisturizes the delicate skin of newborns and toddlers. From head to toe, this nourishing liquid soap is safe and comfy. This liquid soap makes your baby's skin soft and smooth as...
Rs. 599
Baby Shampoo - Tear Free, Rich Moisture, Keeps Newborn’s Hair Soft and Fresh
My-Mimi Tear-free Baby Shampoo soothes the senses, gently cleanses, and leaves your baby's hair silky, shiny, and smooth. For the eyes, it is like pure water. It makes the baby's sensitive skin clean and nourished. Tear-Free baby shampoo moisturizes the...
Rs. 599
Baby Oil - Nourishes Baby's Skin Deeply, Ideal for Massage, Soft & Silky Moisturizer
My Mimi Baby Body Oil is a blend of oils that easily absorbs and moisturizes your baby's skin. This oil helps repair dry skin and minimizes environmental damage to the baby's skin. Our lightweight oil, made with organic ingredients, nourishes...
Rs. 599
Baby Powder - Long Lasting Bloomy Freshness, Skin-Friendly, Prevents Rashes & Allergies
My - Mimi Baby Powder keeps the softness, freshness, and dryness of your baby's sensitive skin from playtime to naptime. This enduring floral baby powder is soothing for your baby's sensitive skin. When changing a baby's diaper, use it after...
Rs. 599
Baby Lotion - 24 Hours Hydration, Keeps Dryness Away, Nourishes & Protects Deeply
My - Mimi Baby Lotion nourishes, moisturizes, and calms your baby's dry skin for 24 hours with a blend of plant-based oils. It maintains the newborn's skin to feel soft, smooth, and buttery. This calming lotion doesn't feel oily and...
Rs. 599
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