Baby & Kids Shampoo - Tear Free, Rich Moisture, Keeps Newborn’s Hair Soft and Fresh

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  • Specially Formulated for Baby's Sensitive Scalp
  • Non-Teary Formula
  • Light Fragrance
  • Prevents Dryness of the Scalp
  • Nourishes Hair
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Makes Hair Manageable and Stronger
  • 200ml

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My-Mimi Tear-free Baby Shampoo soothes the senses, gently cleanses, and leaves your baby's hair silky, shiny, and smooth. For the eyes, it is like pure water. It makes the baby's sensitive skin clean and nourished. Tear-Free baby shampoo moisturizes the baby's hair and scalp, preventing a dry or flaky scalp. The vitamin-rich formula for newborn babies strengthens and nurtures hair roots and boosts hair growth.

My Mimi Baby Shampoo takes special care of your baby's hair. Newborns are most sensitive, and so is their hair, so they need extra care. Baby's hair is very fine and soft, so ordinary shampoos can be harsh on their scalp and cause hypersensitivity or allergic reactions.

It's Gentle on Baby's Eyes & Keeps New Born's Hair Soft and Fresh!

How Does It Work

My Mimi Baby Shampoo is a mild, tear-free formula designed to be gentle on a baby's delicate eyes and skin. It typically contains mild surfactants that help to clean the hair and scalp by breaking up and removing dirt and oil. This shampoo contains moisturizers and conditioners to help keep a baby's hair and skin soft and healthy. They are formulated to be non-irritating for infants and young children.

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Amazing Facts

  • Baby shampoo is formulated to be gentle on a baby's delicate skin and eyes.

  • Its formula is tear-free, meaning it is designed to not cause stinging or irritation in the eyes.

  • My Mimi Baby Shampoo is typically pH-balanced to match the natural pH of a baby's skin and hair.

  • It is made of natural ingredients that nourish and deeply condition the hair.

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Gentle On Baby's Skin

Newborn skin is very delicate, and it needs gentle care. My Mimi Baby Shampoo is formulated to be extremely gentle on the baby's skin. It's free from harsh chemicals that might cause stinging in the eyes or irritate the scalp. This pH-balanced shampoo matches the baby's skin pH and thus is extremely gentle. 

No Tears

The No Tears formula ensures that your baby's smile never fades away. It is specially formulated to embrace baby's eyes, so they don't tear up during bath. Baby shampoo is kind to your baby's skin as well as eyes.

Deeply Condition the Hair

Baby shampoo has nourishing properties, so it deeply conditions and nourishes baby's hair and scalp, making them stronger and more manageable. Its formula is great for the regrowth of hair too, so if you're among those moms constantly worrying about the slow growth of your baby's hair, you're on the right website because we've got your back. 

Light-Scented Formula

A fragrance you and baby won't forget. The light scent of shampoo makes bath time even more memorable. It has a fresh and pleasant smell, unlike ordinary strong-scented shampoos. Made for babies with sensitive skin, that cleanses the scalp but doesn't make it dry.

Perfect for Daily Use

Wet the baby's hair with warm water.
 Apply My Mimi baby shampoo, gently massage, and rinse

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Baby & Kids Shampoo - Tear Free, Rich Moisture, Keeps Newborn’s Hair Soft and Fresh
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