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Lavender Air Freshener - Relaxing Aroma, Creates Peaceful & Stress-Free Environment, Eliminate Bad Odors
Lavender is a popular fragrance used in air fresheners due to its calming and relaxing aroma. It is derived from the flowers of the lavender plant and has a sweet, floral scent that is soothing and stress-relieving. The fragrance of ...
Rs. 999
Rose Bath Salt - Blooming Fragrance, Detoxify Skin & Soothes Skin Inflammation
Rose Bath Salt is made with real rose extract and pure Epsom salt; it will nourish your skin and refresh you. The delicate fragrance of roses promotes relaxation and calmness, making this the perfect addition to your bath routine. So,...
Rs. 999
Rose Air Freshener - Fresh Fragrant Aroma, Elevates Mood and Creates Peaceful Environment
Rose Air Freshener is an excellent choice for freshening their living spaces with a sweet, floral scent. The sweet, floral scent of roses is universally appealing and perfect for adding freshness to any room. Whether you want to refresh a...
Rs. 999
Rose Handwash - Gently Removes Dirt, Moisturizes Hands & Makes them Soft
Calm & Relax Rose Hand Wash leaves skin feeling fresh and smelling like a bouquet, comprising the fragrance of freshly-picked roses. Its mild formula protects against dry skin and is rich in nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Rose extracts in our...
Rs. 799
Tea Tree Bath Salt - Natural Antiseptic, Relaxes Muscles and Calms Body & Mind
Tea Tree Bath Salt will indulge you in the rejuvenating power of nature. This bath salt is infused with pure tea tree oil, known for its antiseptic and healing properties; this bath salt will leave your skin feeling refreshed and...
Rs. 999
Tea Tree Hand Wash - Fights Bacteria, Removes Dirt & Impurities from Hands
Calm & Relax Tea Tree Hand Wash is formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients, including 100% pure tea tree oil, aloe vera, and witch hazel, to cleanse the skin and leave hands feeling clean, soft, and moisturized. You will feel luxury owing...
Rs. 799
Lavender Bath Salt - Promotes Calmness, Lifts Up Mood, Refreshes Body, and Reduces Stress
Lavender Bath Salt gives you the ultimate spa experience. Our bath salts are made from pure Sea salt, infused with the soothing fragrance of lavender. As you soak in the warm water, the salt works to ease tension and soothe...
Rs. 999
Unscented Bath Salt - No Added Fragrance, Suitable for Sensitive Skin & Reduces Skin Irritation
Unscented Bath Salt is the perfect choice for those who prefer a more natural, pure, and relaxing soak. If you want to unwind after a long day, our unscented bath salts provide a simple yet luxurious experience. Free of added...
Rs. 999
Charcoal Hand Wash - Antibacterial & Anti-Dirt Formula, Removes Impurities
Calm & Relax Charcoal Handwash is a refreshing formula that contains Charcoal, a natural antibacterial and detoxifying component. This handwash will keep your hands healthy and hygienic. This activated charcoal hand wash gently cleanses, unclogs pores, and removes deeper pollutants...
Rs. 799
Lemon Handwash - Long Lasting Freshness, Moisturize & Nourish Hands.
Calm & Relax Lemon Hand Wash will keep your hands fresh all day. Our Lemon Purifying hand wash has a citrus aroma. The calming effects of lemon's natural essence and properties in our hand Wash help to cleanse and hydrate...
Rs. 799
Citrus & Spicy Air Freshener - Zesty Fragrance, Eliminate Unpleasant Odours, Improves Focus & Productivity
Citrus and Spicy Air Freshener is the perfect blend of zesty and warming scents that uplift and invigorate any space. With its tangy and refreshing notes of lemon and orange, it is guaranteed to awaken your senses and fill your...
Rs. 999
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