After Shave Lotion – Nourishes Skin Deeply, Ideal for Sensitive Skin, Calms Irritation & Razor Burns
Shaving can make a man's skin rugged and strong. The aftershave moisturizer makes it feel fresh and clean! Mankind After Shave Lotion deeply soothes the skin while instantly calming and restoring the skin barrier after shaving. Vitamin E and chamomile extract...
Rs. 1,065 Rs. 750
After Shave Toner- Hydrates Skin, Shrink Pores, Soothes Irritation & Prevent Dryness
Mankind After Shave Toner instantly soothes and restores the skin barrier after shaving while also deeply calming the skin. This toner protects the sensitive parts of the face from external concerns like burning or irritation with Allantoin and chamomile extract....
Rs. 1,349 Rs. 950
Shaving Cream – Moisturizes Skin, Offers a Comfortable Shave & Smooth Razor Glide!
When it comes to shaving, sensitive skin requires all the comfort it can get. Mankind Shaving Cream is a blend of Shea butter and Jojoba Oil that creates a gentle foam perfect for smooth shaving and softening beards. Our shaving...
Rs. 1,418 Rs. 999
Charcoal Shaving Cream - Absorbs Impurities & Toxins & Gives Smooth Razor Glide
ManKind Charcoal shaving cream, with the power of deep purification, gives you a smooth razor glide for a more comfortable shave. The charcoal in it purifies, and deep cleans the pores while you shave. Its hydrating formula seals moisture and...
Rs. 1,418 Rs. 999
Sensitive Shaving Cream - Provides Smooth Razor Glide, Soften Facial Hair & Reduce Irritation Post Shaving.
ManKind Sensitive Shaving Cream is specially formulated with aloe vera, thyme, and papaya to moisturize and reduce skin irritation for men with highly sensitive skin. This shaving cream is exactly what you need for your skin while you shave. It...
Rs. 1,418 Rs. 999
Safety - Comfortable & Smooth Shaving Experience, Replaceable Blades
ManKind Safety is a state-of-the-art grooming tool designed for modern, stylish men who want a close, clean shave every time. ManKind Safety razor features multiple blades that deliver an incredibly smooth, comfortable shaving experience. The ergonomic handle provides a secure...
Rs. 1,699
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