Aloe Vera Shampoo – Soothes Itchy Scalp, Boosts Hair Growth, Prevents Hair Loss & Dandruff

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  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Encourages Hair Growth
  • Strengthens Hair Follicles
  • Repair Dry, Damaged Hair
  • Boosts Scalp Circulation
  • Cleanses & Nourishes Deeply
  • Reduces Itchiness & Dandruff
  • Makes Hair Shiny & Healthy
  • 260 ml

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ChiltanPure Aloe vera Shampoo inhibits hair loss and strengthens your hair follicles. Aloe vera's potent botanicals calm your scalp while healing skin irritation of your scalp and improving the health of your hair roots to promote hair growth. Our aloe vera shampoo's blend of plant-based nutrients helps damaged hair restore its elasticity and suppleness.

How does it work?

This aloe vera shampoo effectively purifies the hair roots by eliminating extra sebum (oil) and debris from other hair products. Moreover, aloe vera in this shampoo doesn't damage your hair strands while cleaning. Aloe vera, unlike other chemicals in hair products, is delicate and improves the reliability of the hair. Organic aloe vera shampoo promotes thicker, stronger, and healthier hair growth. The amino acids in aloe vera can strengthen your hair and give it a more natural shine.

Amazing Facts

  • ChiltanPure Aloe Vera Shampoo stimulates hair growth by improving scalp health and promoting healthy hair follicles.
  • 100% Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo for dry and damaged hair helps to lock in moisture, enhancing hair smoothness.
  • Aloe Vera effectively removes excess sebum and product residue from your hair. It cleans, softens, and soothes your hair!
  • Our paraben-free shampoo contains natural oils and emollients that add shine to dry hair and relieve dry scalp.
  • This SLS-free shampoo benefits your hair's requirements, including hydrating, smoothing, anti-frizz, curl-defining, anti-dandruff, and more.
  • Hydrating and soothing effects of this shampoo work wonders on dry hair and scalps
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Fights Dandruff

The anti-itching properties of aloe vera-infused shampoo can soothe scalp irritation, and its antifungal properties can reduce dandruff. It also triggers proteins that aid in the reduction of infection caused by the inflammation and itchiness that dandruff causes. It prevents hair loss, fights dandruff, and nourishes your hair.

Promotes Hair Growth 

Aloe vera-infused shampoo is manufactured to treat dry, damaged hair. It's no surprise that the ancient Greeks used aloe vera to treat hair loss! This shampoo contains vitamin B12, which stimulates healthy hair growth, and strengthens hair follicles. It boosts blood circulation in the scalp and prevents scalp infections and flakiness.

Prevents Scalp Infections

This shampoo contains aloe vera, has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial assets, and can help alleviate itchiness and other symptoms of scalp irritation. This shampoo's antifungal qualities help fight against the fungal infection that provokes dandruff and other scalp issues.

Protects Hair from Sun Damage 

UV rays from the sun can cause brittleness, roughness, discoloration, and baldness in your hair. Our nutrient-rich shampoo is infused with aloe vera extract for lifeless hair that protects it from environmental damage and harmful sun rays. It results in smooth, shiny, and healthy-looking hair.

Repair Dry, Damaged Hair

Do you want a natural conditioner? Our aloe vera shampoo, rich in minerals and vitamins, is perfect for you. Aloe vera shampoo is also great for dry hair as it nourishes and hydrates them. It has nutrients and antioxidants that help maintain hair health and structure. It also conditions and helps repair smooth, shiny, and healthy hair.

Anti-Hair Fall

Our aloe vera shampoo is perfect for dealing with hair loss. It promotes hair growth while deeply purifying and nourishing the scalp. It also facilitates the prevention of split ends and hair thinning. This miracle herbal shampoo soothes itchy scalps, encourages hair growth, and repairs damaged locks.

Makes Hair Shiny & Smooth

Aloe Vera's amino acids in our organic shampoo can help strengthen and add shine to your hair. Consequently, it helps tame frizzy hair while maintaining the smooth, glossy appearance of your hair. Aloe Vera also aids in moisture retention, improving hair softness.

Wet your hair with water.
Massage on a small amount of this shampoo through wet hair & scalp. Using your fingertips, lather, and massage the scalp (not nails). Leave the lather on for 5 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly.


 100% Pure Aloe Vera Extract


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Attaullah Khan

I really like your products i appreciate your work Allah aap kae kaam mai or bhi barkat dalay Ameen inshaallah agli phir kuch naya order karoge

Aloe Vera Shampoo – Soothes Itchy Scalp, Boosts Hair Growth, Prevents Hair Loss & Dandruff
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