Sandalwood Shampoo – Provide Clean & Refreshed Scalp

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  • Naturally Low Foaming [SLS FREE]
  • Reduces Dandruff Flakes
  • Nourish Hair
  • Promotes Thicker & Fuller Hair
  • Perfect Hair Cleanser
  • Refreshing Formula
  • Anti-Septic Properties
  • 100% Natural
  • 250ML

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Chiltanpure Sandalwood Shampoo

All Natural ChiltanPure Sandalwood Shampoo is best to cleanse and stimulate your hair and scalp. Our premium Sandalwood shampoo is scalp stimulating shampoo which utilizes 100% pure and potent active ingredients. Moreover, it provide a clean and refreshed scalp while promoting thicker and fuller hair.

How It Works?

With its sulfate-free formula and nourishing botanical extracts, this hydrating shampoo is best for nurturing dry or damaged hair. It uses ultra-mild botanical cleansing agents that won’t strip hair of its natural moisture.

Sandalwood oil is traditionally believe to provide an entire host of benefits. In addition, its anti-septic, anti-inflammatory properties acts as a memory booster and a powerful health tonic, among other purported benefits.

Whether you apply that traditional wisdom to your everyday life or not, we can all benefit from sandalwood’s natural scent. A masculine woodiness that is well known for its calming abilities.

And now you can get that benefit of sandalwood in this shampoo.

Benefits Beyond Perfection

Traditionally extracted from the roots of the sandalwood tree, essential sandalwood oil is use in a variety of applications for centuries.

Home to a triple-action formula, this shampoo protects your scalp, while it provides a deep clean that removes dirt and oil.

The long-lasting nature of the this shampoo range makes it a great way to fight back against dandruff while smelling and feeling great – every time you wash.

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This shampoo reduces dandruff scalp flakes so you can run your fingers through your hair without worrying about anything falling



Apply a small amount onto a wet scalp, work into a lather and distribute it to the rest of the hair.
Massage into hair for two minutes and then rinse with water.
Keep shampoo away from the eyes.
If contact occurs, wash the eyes with water




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Sandalwood Shampoo – Provide Clean & Refreshed Scalp
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