Egg Shampoo - Boosts Hair Growth, Reduces Frizziness, Prevents Premature Hair Greying, Giving Perfect Strength, Shine & Smoothness to Hair!

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  • Reduces Hair Fall
  • Boosts Hair Growth
  • Cure Premature Greying
  • Removes Frizziness
  • Controls Dandruff
  • Thick & Shiny Hair
  • Moisturises Hair
  • 250ml

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Bolan Clinic Egg Shampoo for hair has a natural protein-rich formula that makes your hair strong, thick, and bouncy. It helps create soft and silky hair by eliminating frizz and giving it a beautiful shine! The egg shampoo cleans the scalp and removes dandruff and dirt, generating more hair follicles. This deeply nourishing formula enriched with egg extract adds shine and vitality to dry and damaged hair. It also prevents premature greying by reviving the natural hair colour.

This Egg Shampoo in Pakistan has the largest concentration of proteins. Also, it has other nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, sodium, riboflavin, and niacin. All of these nutrients work together with the egg shampoo for hair loss to help your hair grow as quickly as possible.

Folic acid and B-complex vitamins are present in Egg Protein Shampoo, making it essential for hair. Egg whites are good for oily hair, while egg yolks perfectly complement dry hair and nourish it to the fullest. Because of the qualities of egg protein, it is ideal for any hair type. As a result, this best Egg Shampoo is a high-end choice and a highly natural solution to stop hair loss and promote hair growth.

 Amazing Benefits

  • Applying our egg Shampoo for hair growth can encourage the hair to become long. This Egg Shampoo benefits by stimulating the scalp and nourish the hair follicles.
  • Egg-based Shampoo adds moisture to your hair, preventing hair ageing. They also help to strengthen your hair follicles and increase the passage of oxygen to your scalp, which produces hair that is thicker and darker in colour.
  • Premature hair loss can be prevented with the use of this best egg shampoo for hair growth. In addition to EFA, which is a crucial component in hair care, it also contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.
  • Egg shampoo for hair include a number of nutrients that might help moisturise and nourish the skin, thereby decreasing dandruff.
  • Egg Shampoo for hair fall supports healthy hair development and minimises hair loss. It is done by improving blood flow and giving more oxygen and nourishment to the hair follicles.
  • Eggs contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that may aid in moisturising and nourishing the skin, thereby reducing dandruff. Eggs include a number of nutrients that might help moisturise and nourish the skin, thereby decreasing dandruff.


Protects Against Premature Greying

Melanin, a chemical responsible for determining hair colour, is found in egg-based shampoo. Regular use of egg shampoo and conditioner can help restore and darken the natural colour of your hair. This egg oil also includes biotin, an important vitamin that aids in the removal of grey hairs and prevents new ones from growing.

 Shines hair

Egg white shampoo is abundant in essential fatty acids, which may enter and moisturise the strands of hair. This results in smooth, soft, and glossy hair. Egg Shampoo may provide a perfect shine to hair without the need for harsh chemicals or artificial additives. This may make the hair appear more natural and attractive.

 Decreases hair loss

Bolan Clinic Egg Shampoo is also a strong source of fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, which can strengthen hair cells and stimulate the growth of healthy hair. These fatty acids could make the hair more soft and hence less prone to breakage and hair loss. Blood flow to the hair follicles may be improved by applying this shampoo into the scalp. This will promote healthy hair development and lessen hair loss.

 Strong & Thick Hair

Our Best Egg Shampoo is abundant in protein, allowing it to nourish the roots of hair. It provides the nutrients required for healthy hair growth and regeneration. Antioxidants included in egg shampoo benefits by safeguarding hair from oxidative damage. This helps to keep the hair thick and healthy.

Smooth Out Frizziness

Egg yolk shampoo can help minimise frizz by moisturising and nourishing the hair. This can make the hair easier to keep organised and stylish. Egg oil contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for healthy hair development. The resultant chemicals strengthen the strands of hair and feed hair follicles, decreasing frizz.

 Relieves dandruff

Bioactive ingredients having antibacterial properties are present in Egg Shampoo. These are proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Its qualities help to get rid of the microorganisms that cause dandruff.

  •  Wet your hair
  •  Massage a small amount of this shampoo
  •  Using your fingertips, lather and massage the scalp (not nails)
  •  Leave the lather on for 5 minutes
  •  Rinse your hair thoroughly
  • Do not use if you are allergic to eggs
  • For external use only

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Egg Shampoo - Boosts Hair Growth, Reduces Frizziness, Prevents Premature Hair Greying, Giving Perfect Strength, Shine & Smoothness to Hair!
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