Tea Tree Oil – Best for Acne Treatment

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  • Promotes Glowing Skin
  • Prevents Skin Infections
  • Treats Acne
  • Removes Blackheads
  • Treats Dry Scalp
  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Treats Fungal Infection of the Nails
  • 20ml

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ChiltanPure Tea Tree Oil

Chiltan Pure Tea Tree Oil is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, which grows throughout Australia. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal activities are all present in the oil. Acne, athlete’s foot, lice, nail fungus, and insect bites are frequent uses for this oil. It also helps to lighten dark spots on the skin.

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This essential oil promotes blood flow and allows nutrients to stimulate hair follicles, balances the pH level of the scalp, and encourages the hair growth cycle to give your scalp robust and healthy hair.

In Pakistan, this best tea tree oil is a gentle, cleansed, purifying treatment for hair, skin, and nail problems. Chiltan Pure best tea tree oil for acne has a powerful, warm spicy aroma connected with purification and cleansing. Premium air-purifying oils can improve your mood by removing negative energy and its effects.

Tea tree oil is a great alternative to antibiotics, they treat many skin problems from head to toe. Its antibacterial properties prevent skin infections, acne, fungal infections, and dryness of the skin. It provides the skin with ample moisture to keep it clean, and distant from infection-causing bacteria. They work as a purifier as well, infusing them in the air will help get rid of any toxic particles that cause harm to your skin

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Prevent Skin Infections

Organic tea tree oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in infection healing. It can be used to treat psoriasis, herpes, and athlete’s foot, among other skin disorders. After mixing it with moisturizer or olive oil, apply a few drops of this oil to the affected area.

It has germ killing properties present in it and is able to fight against them, to avoid fungal infections and assists in healing the infected areas. As it works as a disinfectant, it can kill bacteria in your hands, without antibiotics.

Treat Acne

Chiltan Pure tea tree oil for acne is one of the most efficient treatments. By penetrating deep into the pores, it eliminates impurities and prevents clogs. It also helps in the reduction of inflammation and the fading of scars. Tea tree essential oil moisturizes and balances the skin’s natural oil balance.

Tea tree oil is anti-inflammatory, thereby helps prevent acne, redness, reduces swelling and inflammation. It moisturizes your acne prone skin, keeping your skin smooth and clear.

Promotes Glowing Skin

This essential oil is the most effective way to care for your skin. It is extremely good to your skin, making it appear radiant and luminous. It is an antioxidant booster that aids in the reduction of dryness and smoothing of the skin.

It opens pores, releasing all dirt, toxic particles and removes them from your skin. Moisturizes it and leaves you with a fantastic glow for a long time. Use it daily and you will have a perfect silky and pulpy skin.

Removes Blackheads

Tea tree oil for acne marks helps treat skin breakouts and in the drying out of blackheads thanks to its effective purifying and antibacterial characteristics.

The oil penetrates deeply into the skin to cleanse, dry, and unclog pores, assisting in removing and preventing pimples and resulting in new, clean-looking skin.

Tea tree oil is a skin saver. It loosens your pores to get rid of the waste particles inside them, and by doing so, it is causing the blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes to draw out of the skin. 

Treats Dry Scalp

Our best tea tree oil in Pakistan can help with seborrheic dermatitis, a skin ailment that causes scaly spots on the scalp. It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities and is used to treat skin irritation and wounds. This essential oil works as a natural conditioner for the scalp while also removing agents that cause the skin to break.

Mixing tea tree oil with glycerine, would be a great moisturizer for your skin and will treat the dryness of the scalp that causes scaly skin. Taking care of the scalp means preventing future possibilities of scalp infections. This way your scalp won’t be dry and it will keep your hair follicles unclogged. 

Prevent Hair Loss

This oil is good for calming the scalp, reducing hair loss, and healing dandruff. Excess sebum and dandruff can clog hair follicles, causing hair loss by damaging hair roots. Organic tea tree essential oil also helps prevent hair loss by treating both of these problems and keeping the scalp healthy.

It provides nourishment to the roots and hair, improving hair growth and making them strong. Massaging the oil on your hair and scalp will dandruff and remove dead skin cells to give your healthier hair.

Treats Fungal Infection of the Nails

Fungal infections of the nails are prevalent, but they are difficult to treat. This oil when used alone or in combination with other therapies, can help to get rid of nail fungus. Apply a few drops of tea tree essential oil to the afflicted region alone or mix it with an equal amount of coconut oil




Always dilute with a carrier oil, do not apply directly to the skin.
(Internal use) Dilute 1 drop in 4 fluid ounces of liquid.
(Topical use) Dilute 1 drop essential oil to 10 drops carrier oil. See additional precautions below..
(Aromatic) Diffuse using 4 -6 drops in water for aroma diffuser.
Note: Keep out of children’s reach. Avoid contact with sensitive areas. Consult your physician before application if you are under any medical treatment




 Tea Tree

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Tea Tree Oil – Best for Acne Treatment
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