Artemisia Essential oil – Wormwood Essential Oil – Acts as an Emmenagogue, Relieves Nervous Afflictions & Prevents Microbial Infections 20ml

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  • Eliminates Odour
  • Acts as a Cholagogue
  • Promotes Digestion
  • Acts as an Emmenagogue
  • Prevents Microbial Infections
  • Effective As an Insecticide
  • Relieves Nervous Afflictions
  • Acts as a Tonic
  • 20ml

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Chiltanpure Artemisia Essential oil

Wormwood is a herb. The above-ground plant parts and oil are used for medicine.

Chiltan Pure Wormwood Essential Oil treats digestive issues, stimulates imagination, and improves sexual desire. This oil is a pain reliever that acts as a counterirritant, and it can also be used in manufacturing soaps, cosmetics, and fragrances as a scent component. 

Some people use wormwood directly on their skin to treat osteoarthritis (OA) and heal wounds and insect bites. Wormwood Essential Oil is used as a pain reliever and a counterirritant. This oil is also used to produce soaps, cosmetics, and perfumes as a fragrance aspect.

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May Act as a Cholagogue

Wormwood Essential Oil is a cholagogue; it may promote the discharge of bile from the liver into the stomach and stimulate other discharges. This is beneficial in two ways. Because bile is alkaline or basic, it can aid in the decomposition or breaking down of food, thereby facilitating digestion. Secondly, it can help neutralize excess acids in the stomach, providing relief from issues such as acidity, ulcers caused by prolonged acidity, and acidosis.

Eliminates Odour

This oil may contain a high concentration of thujone; it has the characteristic smell of that constituent and an aroma similar to that of Thuja. This illustrates why it’s used as a deodorant. It should be used at a very high dilution level to avoid excessive inhalation.

Promotes Digestion

It can stimulate the production and secretion of bile and other digestive juices into the stomach as it is a cholagogue. It also aids digestion, so it can be used for the digestive process, but only in low amounts.

Stimulates Menstrual Flow

Wormwood Essential Oil is an emmenagogue due to its potential for stimulating discharges. It promotes menstrual discharges and aids in the opening of clogged menstruation. This is highly beneficial in terms of health, as obstructed menstruation can lead to various health issues in women. Wormwood Oil’s emmenagogue property aids in the relief of symptoms such as headaches, abdominal cramps and aches, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, and irregular periods.

Prevents Microbial Infections

Wormwood Essential Oil’s harmful toxins, such as alpha-thujone and beta-thujone, aids in the fight against infections by killing microbes and inhibiting their growth. They are also fatal to viruses and bacteria that cause fever. Wormwood Oil, as a result, aids in fever reduction, making it a febrifuge.

Effective as an Insecticide

As a result of its toxicity, the wormwood essential oil acts as an insecticide and repellent. It can be used in sprays, vaporizers, and fumigants to achieve this effect.

Relieves Nervous Afflictions

In general, the term “narcotic” negatively affects most countries worldwide. However, it can also be beneficial against specific symptoms, just as some fatal toxins have medical properties. This oil’s narcotic effect can be used to soothe or calm nervous disorders, epileptic and hysteric attacks, convulsions, stress, tension, and insomnia.

Acts as a Tonic

Wormwood Essential Oil is a tonic that tones up the organic systems and can fortify the body. It may improve digestion and aid in absorbing nutrients in the body. Then, it improves circulation and aids in the proper and homogeneous distribution of nutrients throughout the body. It also tones up the excretory system and keeps our bodies clear of unwanted materials and pollutants.

Always dilute with a carrier oil, do not apply directly to the skin.
(Topical use) Dilute 1 drop essential oil to 10 drops carrier oil. See additional precautions below.
(Aromatic) Diffuse using 4 -6 drops in water for aroma diffuser.
Note: This oil is poisonous and is a neurotoxin. Large doses can cause nervous afflictions, convulsions, restlessness, impulsive behaviour, and death.

100% Pure Artemisia

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Artemisia Essential oil – Wormwood Essential Oil – Acts as an Emmenagogue, Relieves Nervous Afflictions & Prevents Microbial Infections 20ml
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