Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Anti-Bacterial Formula & Treats Acne 20ml - ChiltanPure
Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Anti-Bacterial Formula & Treats Acne 20ml - ChiltanPure
Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Anti-Bacterial Formula & Treats Acne 20ml - ChiltanPure

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Anti-Bacterial Formula & Treats Acne 20ml

Rs. 790
Rs. 790

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  • Cures acne
  • Fights infections
  • Hair Nourishment
  • Relieves Cough
  • Alleviates Headache
  • Boost Mental Clarity
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improves Seasonal Allergies
  • 20ml Glass Bottle
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Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Anti-Bacterial Formula & Treats Acne 20ml - ChiltanPure

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Anti-Bacterial Formula & Treats Acne 20ml

Rs. 790

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Anti-Bacterial Formula & Treats Acne 20ml

Rs. 790

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ChiltanPure Eucalyptus Oil Price In Pakistan

ChiltanPure Eucalyptus Oil carries anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, coupled with its natural cooling sensation, making eucalyptus oil ideal for soothing a painful sunburn. Antibacterial properties also protect the skin from infection. Fill a two-ounce spray bottle with purified water

A  natural therapeutic grade steam-distilled eucalyptus oil extract is a cooling and nourishing concentrate. It helps relieve pain and invigorate the senses promoting healthy breathing.

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Amazing Facts

To treat Dry skin topical eucalyptus leaf extract has been found to boost skin ceramide production, water-holding capacity, and skin barrier protection.

This oil reduces itchy scalp and stimulates hair follicles for gorgeous and healthy hair growth. Eucalyptus concentrate helps clear acne breakouts for clear glowing skin.

 It is ideal for clarity of mind, relaxation, and clear breathing. Enjoy the scents of nature with our Chiltan Eucalyptus Oil. Bring relaxation, wellness, and a sense of satisfaction to your day!

Premium-quality eucalyptus oil air freshener. When inhaled or vaporized, it provides a decongestant and immune-boosting effect for better health and wellness.

Original native to Australia, eucalyptus trees are now grown all over the world and used for their medicinal properties. Their healing power comes from eucalyptus oil for skin, which is made from the tree’s oval-shaped leaves.


Eucalyptus is a tree that is native to Australia. Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree. Eucalyptus oil is available as an essential oil that is used as a medicine to treat a variety of common diseases and conditions including nasal congestion, asthma, and as a tick repellant.

Diluted eucalyptus oil may also be applied to the skin as a remedy for health problems such as arthritis and skin ulcers. Eucalyptus oil is also used to ease cold symptoms and provide respiratory health benefits.

Eucalyptol, which is often used in mouthwashes and cold remedies, is derived from Eucalyptus globulus. Eucalyptus is often used as an essential oil with a diffuser for aromatherapy health benefits.

The leaves are dry, crushed, and distilled to release the essential oil. After the oil has been extracted, it must be diluted before it can be used as medicine.

Pure eucalyptus oil is obtained from eucalyptus leaves through steam distillation. This natural oil is potent in massage therapy to relieve stress and relax the body and the mind. Eucalyptus has antibacterial properties that help to purify the skin and keep it clear of blemishes and blotches. When diffused in the air, the airy and fresh scent of the oil helps to combat tension and strain.

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Hair Nourishment

Need some instant hair nourishment? Moisturize your hair with a few drops of eucalyptus oil for hair blended with a carrier oil like coconut oil (which is also an excellent hair moisturizer!). The active ingredients in eucalyptus oil for hair help to stimulate hair follicles (the tiny holes where hair grows from) by stimulating blood vessels to constrict. This, in turn, gets more blood flow to the follicles and encourages healthy hair development.

Eucalyptus for Itchy Scalp

The Eucalyptus oil for Hair, Do you suffer from a dry, itchy scalp? Eucalyptus oil can help. Find instant itch relief by trying the recipe below:

  • 4 tablespoons regular white vinegar
  • 100 drops or 1 level tsp eucalyptus oil
  • 4 cups of water

Eucalyptus oil for Hair, Mix all of the above and rinse your hair with the blend making sure the liquid is evenly distributed across your scalp. Shampoo and condition your hair immediately to experience quick cooling itching relief.

Combining this oil with neem oil (an excellent oil for treating dry, itchy scalp) is a great way to nourish and moisturize the hair.

  • 1 teaspoon neem oil
  • 4-5 drops eucalyptus oil (also helps to mask the strong smell of neem oil)
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil

Blend and massage into the hair and scalp. Wash after a few hours, or leave overnight for better results.

Eucalyptus Oil for Lice

So, Eucalyptus oil for Hair, There is nothing more embarrassing or annoying than having your scalp infested by head lice! Eucalyptus oil is a natural insecticide that contains essential oils such as tea tree and eucalyptus (along with many harsh chemicals). 1 teaspoon neem essential oil (Lice hate the strong, bitter, pungent smell of neem and neem oil contains the active ingredient azadirachtin, an insecticide, which prevents the reproduction of lice)

Improves Seasonal Allergies

Eucalyptus oil for skin, Components of eucalyptus oil, such as eucalyptol and citronellal, have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects, which is why the oil is used to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms.

An animal study published in BMC Immunology found that eucalyptus oil not only exhibits antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, but it may also have immunoregulatory effects. This can help to alter the immune response that occurs when the body comes into contact with an allergen.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Eucalyptus oil for skin, a well-researched eucalyptus oil benefit is its ability to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. When it’s used topically on the skin, eucalyptus oil can help to reduce muscle pain, soreness, and swelling. A randomized clinical trial published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine investigated the effects of inhaling eucalyptus oil on pain and inflammatory responses after total knee replacement surgery. Patients inhaled either eucalyptus or almond oil for 30 minutes during rehabilitation on three consecutive days. Then pain, blood pressure, and heart rate scores were reported. Researchers found that pain scores on all three days and systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels on the second day were significantly lower in the eucalyptus group. This suggests that eucalyptus oil inhalation can use as “a nursing intervention for pain relief.

Alleviates Headaches

Eucalyptus oil for Hair, This oil is one of the best essential oils for headaches because it may alleviate sinus pressure that can cause a lot of pain and tension. It also has invigorated properties that can boost mental clarity and promote relaxation of tense facial muscles, which is helpful you are suffering from a headache caused by stress or exhaustion. These results seem to be most pronounced when eucalyptus oil is combined with peppermint oil and a carrier.

Other benefits are:

  • Cures acne
  • Fights infections
  • anti-inflammatory


Dilute 4-6 drops in water for aroma diffuser.

Chiltan Pure Essential Oils can be used topically (combined with carrier oils and moisturizers) and externally (i.e. around the home).

Add 5-7 drops to a diffuser filled with water.
Like above, but instead, use reed diffusers in a container of carrier oil with 3-5 drops of essential oil.
For Face: Dilute 1 drop of Essential Oil(e.g. Orange, Rosemary, Lemon, Lavender, Eucalyptus Oils) into 3 drops of your favourite Carrier Oil (e.g. Almond, Castor, Flaxseed, Neem, Pumpkin Oils) for the face.
For Body Massage: Dilute 15 drops of Essential Oil(e.g. Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Cedarwood, Neroli, Citronella Oils) in 50 ml with your favourite Carrier Oil (e.g. Avocado, Argan, Grapeseed, Pomegranate Oils) for the body.
Note: Put 1-2 drops of oil on your hand’s wrist to reduce anxiety and stress

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Anti-Bacterial Formula & Treats Acne 20ml

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