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7 Amazing Benefits of Citronella Oil for your Health

7 Amazing Benefits of Citronella Oil for your Health - ChiltanPure

Citronella Oil Benefits:

Citronella Oil is an essential oil that is extracted by the process of distillation from this wonderful plant called the Asian grass plant, which belongs to the genus Cymbopogon. This plant which has a pretty decent scent got its name from a French word meaning “lemon ointment,” due to its citrus-like, floral aroma. Like many essential oils, this oil has some unique properties that make it distinguishable from rest and these properties are the cause of some important advantages This plant has been used since ancient times in China and Indonesia to cure infections, rashes, and other health circumstances.

Latin Name:

In the Latin language, this plant is called Cymbopogon nardus.

Other Names of this Plant:

This plant has some other names as well depending on the area and people using them, some of the names are
  • Barbed Wire Grass
  • Silky Heads
  • Citronella Grass
  • Cha de Dartigalongue

Origin of this Plant:

Although you can buy this oil and this plant from almost every state genuinely this plant was grown and cultivated in Central and South America, Australia, Asia.

Which Parts are Used:

When it is concerned about which parts of this plant you can use? Well, you can utilize the whole plant to obtain various advantages.

Folklore and History:

It is observed by Herbal folklore that this oil has some uses as an insect repellant, fever reducer, anti-parasitic and as a calming agent for aches, infections, and skin restoration. This oil has an ancient history of being an important ingredient in fragrances, shampoos, soaps, and natural deodorizers. This plant has also been used widely in countries of Southeast Asia as a seasoning for foods and refreshment drinks.

Constituents of this Plant:

This plant contains the following components.
  • Limonene (9–11%)
  • Geraniol (18–20%)
  • Methyl isoeugenol (7–11%)
  • Citronellal (5–15%).
  • Citronellol (6–8%)

A word of Caution:

This oil is strictly prohibited for pregnant or breastfeeding women as it can cause some adverse effects on your health as well as on your baby. This oil is a bit volatile than the rest of the essential oils. So, most of the medical experts advise that you should not apply this oil in young children due to their delicate skin, which might get some infection or irritation and surely you are not willing that for your child. Since this oil is essential, it necessary to dilute it before you apply it to your skin. Since essential oils are quite volatile oils and they will cause adverse effects when applied on your skin directly.

Carrier Oil:

These are the oils that are available in a wide range depending on your body and your choice to choose from, each oil has its specific properties which will enhance the specific properties of essential oil you are choosing. You can dilute your citronella oil with coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and a whole lot of oils to mix with each has its importance, try different carrier oils to opt the right one for you.

Conventional Uses and Health Advantages of this Plant:

You should never confuse this citronella with Lemongrass. Citronella is a bracing herb but from the same family of the lemongrass. Citronella is most popular for its insects and pest drive back abilities. This plant is most frequently used in essential oil form, although its leaves are also been used for their pungent aroma and therapeutic characteristics. This plant has vital importance in history in Asia, where it has been used in making perfumes and in other religious events for almost 2,000 years. In a few customs, it has been conventionally used to diminish fevers, as a bug repellent, for digestive disorder and to eliminate intestinal parasites.

Benefits of Citronella Oil

There are a lot of miraculous benefits of this natural oil. This oil is unique and different due to the presence of the properties it has. If we say that this oil has some properties which are only one of a kind it is not wrong because this oil does, and I request you to do read the whole of the article because it contains some benefits that might help you in your daily life.

1. This Oil is an effective Insect Repellent

Having legit popularity for keeping bugs and their bites away from you, this essential oil is rich in volatile oils that infuriate mosquitoes and such insects away from you. While there is a lot of argument about the effectiveness of this oil and its prevention from insect bites. Well, there is surely some investigation to back it up. In 2011, an evaluation of 11 reports on the abilities of this oil to keep mosquitoes away was printed in the “Journal of Tropical Medicine & International Health”. Scientists found that if we mix this oil with vanillin, the oil will provide defence for up to 3 hrs. Besides, the study was announced in “The Israel Medical Association Journal” which proved how this oil can be valuable in improving the prevention against head lice as well. If you are treating this oil as a pest repulsive agent, it must be mixed in an almost 2% concentration to evade skin soreness. If this oil is being used all unaided to keep bugs and insects away, studies approve that this oil needs to be applied again after every 30 minutes (half an hour) to 60 minutes (1 hour) to keep yourself bite free. Some experts advise mixing this oil with different bug fighting volatile oils such as neem, lemon eucalyptus, and lemongrass. Due to the presence of antiseptic qualities and anti-fungal, this oil can be used to treat insect bites as well. In 2015, a Reliable study Source linked with the capability of DEET, fennel oil and citronella oil both work to repel mosquitoes. Scientists discovered that DEET had a prevention rating of over 90 % in 6 hours. Citronella and fennel oil had prevention ratings of about 57 % and 47 %, respectively, only in 2 hours. There is another research, which evaluated the effectiveness of a few mosquito repellents, and concluded that candles made from citronella were of little use as a mosquito repellent.

2. This Oil has some important Antifungal Properties:

Multiple reports have analyzed that this oil has unique antifungal characteristics that may aid in reducing or eliminating particular types of moulds that can because of your health issues. A study in 2013, from a reliable source, experts assessed the antifungal action of this oil with a type of fungus known as Aspergillus niger. This ordinary mould is considered to cause lung and sinus infestations in people with weak defence systems. The researchers founded that this oil could terminate the cell wall of the fungus and eradicate the organisms within the cell that might be a cause of infection. It led the researchers to propose, this oil may have the capacity to be used as a harmless and ecological, affable fungicide. Research performed earlier, analyzed the antifungal and antibacterial action of 10 essential oils and they concluded that this oil was potent against all twelve fungi moulds that were examined. The same research found that this oil resulted in inhibiting 15 of 22 bacteria, while lemongrass, eucalyptus, orange, and peppermint oils were potent against all 22 bacterial types tested. A pamphlet from 2016 from a reliable Source, observed at the usefulness of citronella oil and cinnamon oil in battling with Candida albicans, a mould that is a cause of infections in the oral and other areas of your body. Both of these volatile oils, on the starting, limited the number of feasible microorganisms. However, after forty-eight hours the result was not considerable. The writers recommend that daily usage of a blend of either oil may be potent in diminishing this fungus from your body.

3. This Oil is Rich with Antibacterial/Antiseptic Properties:

This oil is wealthy in having the compound called methyl isoeugenol, which induces great antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics in this volatile oil. If present in correct amounts it can be utilized to sterilize and accelerate tissue regeneration and if the oil is “food grade”, it can be consumed orally to provide relief from aches due to infections in the urinary tract, bladder, gastrointestinal tract, colon, and the kidneys. antibacterial properties This oil can also be used in the process of eliminating parasites and worms present in the intestines due to the presence of high content of geraniol, which is a phytochemical having a powerful anti-helminthic mechanism, and it can eliminate internal parasites with preventing your body from any damage. With a refreshing, garden-fresh citrus scent, this oil is an excellent add-on in your natural house mopping items. This oil will disinfect kitchen exteriors, washroom, floorings, and all while giving a delightful chemical-free fragrance in your house These qualities make this oil a perfect air freshener as well while keeping your home free from any airborne pathogens.

4. This Oil might Relieve your Anxiety/Stress:

This oil contains a natural elevating and happy scent, with studies proving that it can be both heartening and calming. It seems to operate on both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, giving actual stress relief. This essential oil can also be applied (if well diluted with a carrier oil), on dogs – not only to prevent fleas and ticks, this oil can aid in decreasing the split-up anxiety and gradual braking.

5. This Oil is proved to be Anti-Inflammatory/Pain Relief in Nature:

While inflammation is a persuasive healing response by the body, continuously reduced level inflammation can take to a whole lot of disorders and exacerbate the previous ones such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. There are research studies, which show this oil proving as a potent anti-inflammatory compound. This oil also has strong antioxidant compounds that help in the elimination of free radicals, one of the main causes of continuous inflammation caused by a continuous injury. skin Inflammatory This oil can be tremendously calming when mixed with some carrier oil and applied onto sore or exhausted muscles, inflamed joints and into the lumbar region for menstrual convulsions. This oil may aid in limiting the inflammation present in your digestive tract, liver, and stomach.

6. Promotes Wound Healing:

This oil promotes tissue repair significantly and it is based on some recent studies, citronella oil may have the capacity to accelerate the healing of your cuts and wounds. This may be of specifically important for people suffering from diabetes mellitus, as their wounds tend to heal a lot more sluggishly than a normal healthy person, in this condition. Effective Wound Healer In 2016, a reliable study was performed in animals, scientists observed the results that this oil had on the person healing from Candida-infested wounds in a mouse having diabetes mellitus. This oil is considered to have both an anti-inflammatory and antifungal effect. The experts advised that the presence of these both factors is the reason that led to quick healing wounds.

7. Highly Effective for Weight Loss:

It was observed in reliable study Source from 2015 that in rats, the effect of respiring this oil and some of its components are effective on weight. Weight Loss Scientists found that respiring the components of this oil has an effective response on the rat’s body including reduced feeding, dropped cholesterol, and reduced weight gain.
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