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Mustard oil - Boost your Appetite, Supports Heart Health and Relief from Cough & Cold

Mustard oil - Boost your Appetite, Supports Heart Health and Relief from Cough & Cold - ChiltanPure
Mustard oil is a versatile ingredient that is used all over the world. In Pakistan, it's known as Sarson ka Tel and is a must-have ingredient in every cuisine. Mustard oil has an aromatic scent and a spicy, sharp flavour, and it is reddish-brown or caramel in color. Mustard oil gets its zing from the presence of allyl isothiocyanate, and mustard seeds are crushed to obtain this rich vegetable oil. Mustard oil has a spicy flavour that enhances a variety of meals. Not only that, although it has plenty of health advantages.

Nutritional Benefits of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil contains approximately 60% monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and about 21% polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) (6% omega-3) and (15% omega-6). It has around 12% saturated fat.


Good Source of MUFA

Mustard oil is rich in (MUFA) and therefore is highly recommended. Our bodies require three parts polyunsaturated fatty acids and one-part saturated fatty acids in a ratio of 3:1. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) contain monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Mustard oil is found in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), essential for good health. It strengthens the heart, brightens the complexion, promotes hair growth, and prevents premature greying of the hair, among several other things.

Supports Heart Health

As it's high in Monounsaturated fatty acids, it helps lower harmful cholesterol levels in the body, decreases fat blood levels, and enhances circulation.

Treats Cracked Heels and Brittle Nails

On the nails, mustard oil can be used. In terms of health benefits, it beats coconut and almond oil, and it can smooth the nail bed while also being easily absorbed to provide nourishment.

Protects Against Infection

Mustard oil is antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral. Its external and internal applications are known to aid in the battle against infections in a range of ways and those affecting the digestive system.

Improves Blood Circulation

A regular mustard oil massage improves blood circulation, preventing joint and muscular pain at bay during cold weather. Massage with mustard oil enhances blood circulation skin texture and relieves muscular tension. It also stimulates the sweat glands, which aids in eliminating toxins in the body.

Acts as a natural cleanser

Mustard oil is high in vitamin E, an essential ingredient for the skin. As a result, it is said that when applied to the skin, it diminishes fine lines and wrinkles while also serving as a sunscreen—Mix equal amounts of mustard oil and coconut oil to improve skin tone and massage it into the skin.

Relief from Cough and Cold

Mustard oil is long being utilized in coughs and colds due to its warming properties, which aid in clearing congestion from the respiratory system. A steam treatment with mustard oil is widely recommended as a home remedy, and you can also massage a teaspoon of it on your chest before sleeping to let it work its miracle.

Enhances hair growth

When you massage mustard oil onto your scalp, it contains beta-carotene, promoting hair growth. It improves blood circulation and prevents the scalp from infections due to its antibacterial properties. Mustard oil is an essential oil beneficial to both the skin and the hair.

Keeps the body warm

Mustard oil is an essential oil beneficial to both the skin and the hair. Massage with mustard oil sustains the body's temperature and keeps it warm, allowing it to fight the cold.

Helps in reducing congestion

The zest and strong scent of mustard oil serve to relieve congestion, which helps alleviate cold and cough discomfort.

Prevents the growth of germs

Mustard oil's antibacterial and antifungal effects inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, leaving the skin healthy.

Boost your appetite

People who are underweight or malnourished can benefit from essential mustard oil. This oil stimulates your appetite and makes you want to eat more.

Mustard oil prevents phlegm

Mustard oil has a pleasant aroma, which implies that it warms up your body. Mustard oil also heats the entire respiratory system, preventing excessive phlegm generation and accumulation.

Oral Health is Improved

Mustard oil strengthens your gums and makes plaque clearance simpler. Plaque is typically generated by bacteria that are coated in fatty membranes. Gently rubbing mustard oil in your mouth may aid in releasing fat-soluble components.

Beneficial to Our Skin

This helps to minimize wrinkles and fine lines, and it also aids in the elimination of skin tan. This oil's antibacterial and antifungal effects help prevent acne and maintain our skin clean and glowing.

Mosquito Repellent

Mustard oil has a pungent and powerful odor, making it a natural mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes will scatter if you apply a few drops of mustard oil to your skin.

How to use mustard oil?

  • Mustard oil is suitable for both cooking and frying.
  • This method enhances immunity and is safe for diabetics and heart patients.
  • When added to pickles and chutneys, it acts as a preservative.
  • Inhale steam with mustard oil to rid your lungs of congestion.
  • A teaspoon of mustard oil mixed with honey can help with various breathing problems.
  • Mustard oil eliminates microorganisms and avoids gum bleeding.
  • We may keep our gums healthy by rubbing a mixture of mustard oil, turmeric, and salt on it.
  • Our entire body can be massaged with a mixture of mustard oil and coconut oil.
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