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Myths and facts about Aloe Vera gel

Myths and facts about Aloe Vera gel - ChiltanPure
Aloe vera health benefits are widely known. It is proven over and over again how well this succulent can affect almost any skin condition. Also, there is a variety of drinks containing Aloe on the market. However, there are some myths about Aloe that need to be corrected in order for you to fully explore what Aloe vera has to offer.

Aloe vera`s only health benefit is as a skincare remedy

Aloe-Vera-for-skin As already mentioned, you can also drink Aloe. If you’re struggling with mouth ulcers or sores, putting a piece of Aloe in your mouth will sterilize and ultimately solve these problems. Overall, drinking Aloe juice is very beneficial for your health. It’s very helpful in controlling blood sugar as well.

When it comes to skincare, Aloe is only good for sunburns

Aloe vera for sunburns This succulent is very good at taking care of any skin condition. You can use it in your daily skin routine to cure acne, get rid of blackheads, smooth your skin and taking care of redness or depigmentation.

You can only benefit from consuming Aloe if you’re sick

Aloe vera juice pineapple This doesn’t make much sense, does it? However, there are a lot of people believing this myth is true. Anyone can benefit from Aloe, even if completely healthy. In fact, Aloe helps boost your immune system so you’re less likely to catch a cold or flu. Just add it to your regular diet and watch your energy hit the roof.

It’s best to use Aloe as fresh from the plant

Aloe-Vera Using a gel from the fresh cutting is the most common way of use we all think about when it comes to consuming Aloe in any way. However, Aloe from the plant goes off very quickly, so you have to use it immediately in order to get all the benefits. Processed Aloe products are designed to last longer, like skin creams and juices.

It’s better to use a whole leaf than just gel inside it

Aloe-Vera-Juice Aloe-Vera-Juice
On the contrary to common opinion, the rind of the plant does not make any difference to the effectiveness of the Aloe.

Aloe vera powder and capsules are just as good as a drink

aloe vera capsules As much as it’s true that a processed Aloe is more practical, powder and Aloe capsules have been over-processed. Most of the quality of this succulent lays in its liquid part. Applying gel and drinking Aloe in juice form remains the best way of consumption.

Drinking Aloe gives quick results

Aloe Vera Juice Unflavoured Like all of the natural health remedies, it takes a while to see benefits from consuming Aloe. You`ll have to take it for at least 2 months before you can any see results.

All Aloe plants are the samesame aloe vera plants

As you probably already know, there are several different species of Aloe. Therefore, some of them have no healing properties at all. Aloe vera plant is the one that you need to use for boosting your general health.

Aloe vera tastes awfulaloe vera awful taste

If you want to include Aloe in your regular diet, don’t be afraid of the taste. It has an acquired taste. If you still can’t take its natural flavor, there are several different flavors of Aloe vera on the market and you should find the one that will suit your taste-buds without a problem. However, once you start drinking Aloe regularly, you`ll find that it starts to taste better with every sip.

You can benefit from any brand of Aloe juice

To make sure you’re consuming the right amount of Aloe (or even Aloe at all), you need to check the ingredients list on the bottle of the juice. If Aloe vera (Aloe barbadense) is the first ingredient on the list, you can be sure that you will get the good quality of this succulent. If Aloe vera is too far down the list, you’re probably just consuming an artificial Aloe powder in a very small amount. There’s no need to say, you should avoid these kinds of brands. Despite being such a nutritional and body-boosting plant, Aloe Vera is still surrounded by some controversy. Here we aim to bust-the-myths surrounding our favorite plant and explain what is unique about our Aloe.

Myths Busted

MYTH #1: Aloe Vera tastes bad

This is a common myth about Aloe Vera drinks. Admittedly, we cannot vouch for all Aloe Vera, but what we can say is that our Aloe tastes smashing … No, we’re not just saying this! Made from purely natural occurring ingredients, our aloe has a rich, earthy taste without any of the preservatives, added sugar or bits that come in other Aloe products. We aim to keep our taste truly natural and refreshing, so we add a hint of zesty organic lemon to give a rich experience to the flavor.

MYTH #2: Aloe Vera is just another trend/fad diet

Another myth which we have noticed circulating. Some people seem to be questioning the true health benefits of an Aloe Vera drink. The benefits are there for all to see! Aloe vera acts as a natural prebiotic and therefore helps to establish the natural bacterial flora in the digestive system. The anti-inflammatory impact of Aloe Vera can help restore your gut health. You can bring your body to a more optimal condition. As previously mentioned, our Aloe is made from purely natural ingredients. You are therefore certain to reap the rewards of all the nutritional value in our drink, without the effects of added sugar or bits used in other aloe products.

MYTH #3: I haven’t seen any results

Like all products we consume to improve our health and well-being, Aloe must be given time. One or two Aloe drinks, although they can be a great energy booster to your day and leave you feeling fresh, cannot alone cause the changes you want to see. To experience the true impact and benefits of natural aloe, we recommend consuming either of our products for at least two months. This will allow you to start to notice the true benefits it can bring. From softening any digestive-chaos, to leaving a clear and fine glow to your skin, the benefits can be overwhelmingly positive after consumption over a period of time
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