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Amazing Health Benefits of Safflower Oil, Uses & Side Effect

Amazing Health Benefits of Safflower Oil, Uses & Side Effect - ChiltanPure

Important Facts about Safflower Oil:

Safflower oil is a famous Herb and spice. It is one famous plant used in cooking and in other folk remedies for treating obesity, inflammations. This herbal plant has its other benefits concerned with the longevity of your heart, brain, blood vessels. They contain a lot of health beneficient components such as serotonin, Vitamin E, vitamin K, and a few other essential fatty acids. Safflower is one of the oldest plants which was used in a lot of remedies and herbal medicine. It as ancient folklore. Safflower was mostly cultivated for its dying properties, this makes it an essential component in red and yellow dyes if that time. safflower These dyes were repeatedly used in ancient Egyptian textiles. Later on, it was founded that pharaoh Tutankhamen's tomb and other mummies were wrapped in yellow red-coloured stripes, which were fired with safflower. Safflower is also very among the native Americans, many tribes use this herbal plant to dye their loaves of bread. These tribes also used these plants in their tea, which they intend to facilitate in the fever and jaundice. It was considered as this safflower tea will also help in curing panic attacks, hysteria, pain, muscle spasms, and topical skin issues such as eruptions. Safflower made its way up to Europe as well in 19551. It is an interesting story of using the phrase "red tape", which was used to describe government-related procedures. Yes, safflower also had a connection with these "red tapes". In the 16th century, legal documents in England were tired in a red tape together, which symbolically dishonours someone to tamper these documents. And these red tapes were produced with the honoured safflower.

What is Safflower?

Safflower is a flower of a plant that is known as Carthamus tinctorius, which is also called thistle oil, American safflower, benihana oil, benihana flower, fake saffron, and safflower seed oil is most common among them. These plants have an origin of India and Africa, where they were initially cultivated. Now they can be found almost everywhere in this whole world. Seeds present in this plant are used to extract oil, which can be used in multiple ways. Safflower has a long and rich history, it is said by some people that these plants were first originated in River Nile, the valley of Egypt where these safflowers were used for there cosmetic and dying purposes. Commonly, these safflower plants were cultivated for its seeds but also used in colouring, and flavouring foods. These were used in herbal medicines, and to make red and yellow dyes. But now these plants are only cultivated mainly for their oil, which is extracted from its seeds.

Nutritional Analysis:

There are a lot of nutritional components present in Safflower Oil. These components are not present in such amounts in your everyday diet and it is advised by experts to make this safflower oil part of your daily regimen. Some important nutritional components are mentioned below, in 100g of servings.
  • Energy : 884
  • Total lipid (fat) :100
  • Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) : 34.1
  • Vitamin K (phylloquinone) : 7.1
  • Fatty acids, total saturated :7.54
  • Fatty acids, total monounsaturated :75.22
  • Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated :12.82
  • Fatty acids, total trans :0.1
Sources Include: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) These nutritional components make this safflower oil an essential diet component, which you should make part of your daily routine.

Benefits of Safflower Oil:

When the benefits of safflower oil are concerned, this wonderful herb had a lot of health benefits. It is advised to read all the benefits since they will help you one way or another in your whole life. Some of the keen benefits are mentioned below.
  1. Safflower Oil will help your Heart to Survive Longer
  2. Safflower Oil can be used to Reduce Obesity
  3. Safflower Oil can Prevent and Treat Inflammations
  4. Safflower Oil can help in Reducing Diabetes

1. Safflower Oil will help your Heart to Survive Longer:

Your heart is an important organ. You can not survive with this important organ. You have to do the best you can to keep this machine running in your body if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. It is not that hard as you think it is. Yes, you read that right! All you have to do is to put this wonderful safflower oil in your daily regimen. This oil is rich in a lot of essential components that are proved to increase the longevity of your heart. These all help prevent strokes and blockage in the blood flow. This safflower oil contains linolenic fatty acid, this fatty acid is famous for it a lot of factors including reducing inflammation, preventing arteries from hardening (atherosclerosis), therefore helps in increasing your heart’s life. It is one natural substance that you can add in your daily life to reduce those excessive triglycerides and Low-density lipoproteins (LDL). There are some studies, which prove safflower oil as an effective substance that significantly depletes Low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterols) and at the same time increasing the level of high-density lipoproteins (good cholesterol) this all also aids in giving you better heart health. I know these are all amazing facts and you do not want any harm to your heart. Since prevention is better than cure, you should get your safflower oil and make it part of your daily routine.

2. Safflower Oil can be used to Reduce Obesity:

No one appreciates obesity and I am sure neither you are willing to carry that extra layer to fat around you. Although it is the mother of all diseases and obese people are much likely to get trapped into heart disease and blood pressure issues. Eliminating obesity can give a spike in your everyday confidence. In one experiment, it was noted that with the use of safflower oil every day for 8 weeks reduced their body mass index (BMI), waist fat, and overall fat of your body. This safflower oil was founded remarkably in increasing the muscle mass in 75 women. Still, experts say that coconut oil is much more beneficial in weight loss. Safflower oil was later on founded as a good fat burner. It was recorded that with the use of 8g of safflower oil per day, 35 women who had passed their menopause, were founded to reduce waist fat and increased muscle mass. These women had diabetes type-II over 16 weeks. However, safflower oil was not found to be reducing total fat or body mass index (BMI). It is considered to be a healthy choice for people who are already working their best to reduce weight. This safflower oil is rich with omega-6 fatty acids which are said to be a good source of fat burners. These omega-6 fatty acids burn down the fats rather than keeping them stored in your body. According to a study, a diet rich in safflower oil reduced fat gain in rats and results were better than that of tallow or butter. This oil was recorded to reduce weight gain and increased muscle mass but all good things come with a drawback, this reduced liver health. When rats were introduced with a diet rich in fats, safflower oil depleted fat gain of their body through a mechanism of increasing fat-burning enzymes in their body, these enzymes are known as lipoprotein lipase. Although there is little evidence on the human department studies approve that is is a healthy addition to your diet but only if adequate amounts are ingested per day.

3. Safflower Oil can Prevent and Treat Inflammations:

If you are fed up of these inflammatory problems that keep on increasing or you are willing to prevent it on the first hand. You have arrived at the right place, I am here for you to guide you, how you can easily get rid of these problems? Well, in this case, you have you can end these worries with the of this natural substance pronounced as safflower oil. It decreases inflammatory marker C-reactive protein by 18% in 35 obese women, with the use of 8g of safflower oil per day and these women have passed their menopause. There are multiple studies, which prove safflower oil to be decreasing inflammation-initiated damage to embryos found in pregnant rats. It is found to be reducing autoimmune brain inflammation in rats, while there are serotonin polyphenols that are found to be inflammation-reducing in white blood cells if humans. There might be some causes of inflammations. For these inflammations drugs which are used to reduce inflammation are called NSAIDs. These anti-inflammatory drugs can cause ulcers in the small intestine. There was an experiment, which concluded that in mice, Omega-3 fatty acids might be worsening the inflammation and damage in small intestines caused by these drugs. But safflower oil is also rich in omega-6 fatty acids which prevented ulcers and reduced inflammation caused by the use of NSAIDs. So, your hard days are going to over with this natural safflower oil and you can live a happy and healthy life without any worries, all with just a minor addition of safflower oil.

4. Safflower Oil can Help in Reducing Diabetes:

Are you tired of your diabetes? You have a sweet tooth but not able to consume sweet anymore? Well, these hassles of yours can be conquered easily. Yes, you read that right! It is not that hard to control your blood glucose levels. In this battle you this natural effective potion for diabetes mellitus, known as safflower oil. It was found to be reducing fasting blood glucose levels with only consuming 8 grams per day, for 16 weeks. This experiment was performed among 35 obese women with diabetes mellitus type 2 and they have crossed their menopause. When tested in test tubes, serotonins from safflower oil significantly reduced the activity if an enzyme known as alpha-glucosidase that breaks down the food molecules in your diet, into simple sugars. Thanks to this mode of action of safflower oil. This makes this oil a potent, herbal component used as in a diet for diabetes. This mode of anyone helps in breaking down the sugars. Hence, less amount of sugars is absorbed by gut from the for particles in your stomach. This will lead to low sugar levels most probably, after meals. Diabetes mellitus is a disastrous condition. It can damage your fetus during pregnancy and cause nutrition complications, affecting your overall health and your baby's. There were multiple studies analyzed together and concluded as safflower oil can be used in decreasing the inflammation, and damage caused by diabetes mellitus giving you improved health of yourself and your baby. There are proves in animal studies such as rats. Although there is little evidence on the human side, sooner or later it can be proved and resulted efficiently.

Side Effects and Precautions:

When you know this much about the most important benefits of safflower oil, I feel I have to provide you with full knowledge. No doubt there are a lot of benefits for this wonderful safflower oil but the excess of everything is hazardous and there are some drawbacks for this oil as well and you should keep them in your mind before using this oil on regular basis. There are some studies, which say that nutrients high in omega-6 fatty acids, which include safflower oil, are the cause of most chronic inflammations and other disasters such as heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). On a normal basis, most people consider omega-3 fatty acids as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in actions, while omega-6 fatty acids are considered to be opposite rather than the ones that cause chronic inflammations. Whereas, in the case of safflower oil, it contains omega-6 fatty acids and omega-9 fatty acids, including some antioxidants (polyphenols), anti-inflammatories that are the cause of reducing some important risks of many chronic diseases. There are some chances that safflower oil may be associated with an increase in chances of bleeding and reduced clotting if wounds. So, people who have some kind of blood clotting issue, some ulcers, those who are in medications that increase the chances of bleeding, or those who are up for some sort of surgery should be careful in using safflower oil. This oil is rich in nutrients and healthy for your health but large amounts of safflower oil can result in liver damage. Three women were reported in acute liver failure, they took safflower oil for weight loss and large amount resulted in the accumulation of fat in the liver, that resulted in acute liver failure. According to an experiment, rats fed safflower oil-rich diet, this also increased the fatty content in their livers. It can induce uterus contractions. Pregnant women should be careful in consuming safflower oil to prevent themselves from premature labour. There is no established safety in high amounts of safflower oil in pregnant women. There are some people hypersensitive towards safflower oil. Those people who are allergic should stay away from this safflower oil or its seeds for your good. This belongs to the same botanical family of ragweed, chrysanthemums, and marigolds. So, if you are allergic to these Asteraceae family, it is not a good idea to go near safflower oil.

How does Safflower Oil work in your System?

It contains a bunch of essential fatty acids which include linoleic and linolenic fatty acids. These fatty acids when it gets in your body they help in making your blood thin, to improve its healthy flow. They also help in reducing the chances of vessel hardening (atherosclerosis). In this way, safflower oil prevents your body from heart diseases. It contains components that help in widening your blood vessels and reducing your blood pressure. It stimulates your heart and increases its life.

User Experience:

Everyone who uses anything has its point of view, his personal experience. But as far as the effectiveness of safflower oil is concerned I would give you some personal experiences on people, who made this oil part of their life.
  • Mostly users found this oil as cleanser and moisturizer, due to high linoleic fatty acid is present. This helped them reduce cystic acne, eczema, psoriasis, and flaky skin.
  • Most of the people became a fan of this oil for its weight loss properties, they explain that they used oil, which was mixed with safflower oil and increased its weight-reducing abilities by 80%, this happened by increasing conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).
  • Although some people did not experience the desired weight loss benefits.

How to use Safflower Oil for Maximum Output?

You can use this wonderful safflower oil in multiple ways. This oil stands a plus point in every situation. In culinary you can use it to cook your food as this oil has the maximum smoke point than most of the oils in the market. The higher smoke point of an oil is preferred, to reduce the formation of free radicals in diet, which are produced when your oil is heated at high temperatures. So, higher the smoke point lesser the free radicals. These free radicals when enter in your body damages your body molecules. That is why it is advised to use oils, which have a high smoke point. Now, are you looking for some oil that has a high smoke point? Well, in that case, this oil may be the right option for you. It has high smoke than most oils such as corn oil, sesame oil, Canola oil, Olive oil, and another alternative you find in the market. It has a neutral flavour, which makes this oil the best fit for culinary purposes. You can consume it orally every day by consulting your medical expert. It a healthy addition to a well-balanced diet. Although more research is required, safflower oil contains a lot of health benefits when it comes to your health. Your body needs fat to function properly and luckily this oil is rich in them. It contains a rich source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is called "good fats" by the American heart association (AHA). Although there are very small amounts of Saturated fatty acids which are called "bad fats", also by American heart association (AHA). These all properties make this oil a good edible source for consuming every day. You can apply this oil on your skin topically but it is advised to run a patch test before. If you are allergic it better not to get any closer this oil because your body will treat this oil as a foreign particle and it will never be going to do any good.
  • Place a few drops of safflower oil on your wrist or forearm.
  • Cover that area with some band-aid or gauze.
  • Let it rest for about twenty-four hours.
  • examine the area and look for some itching or redness on the area you applied safflower oil.
  • If you see any redness or itching, I am sorry to say it is better to stay away from this oil and it is not for you.
  • If no itch or redness is observed, you are free to use this oil on other parts it will not cause any harm to your body.
When you have performed a patch test and it resulted in negative, it means you can use this oil and have the maximum benefits. You can apply this oil, topically on your skin two times per day, and for better results consult your medical expert to use it in a proper adequate amount to have the best outcomes. So, by reading this whole article I am pretty sure you will be willing to but this oil and make it part of your daily routine soon. I hope by the use of this oil all your problems will end and you will not be worried about your health anymore. Remember to use this oil in a recorded manner. If you are purity conscious and you are not willing to do any compromise on purity, “organic safflower oil” is the right choice for you.
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