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Rosemary Essential Oil – Best Antiseptic Skin Tonic
chiltanpure rosemary essential oil  HEALING ESSENTIAL OIL high-grade rosemary oil concentrate is steam distilled & unrefined. Nourish & invigorate hair and skin as well as boost brain function for men and women of all ages. SMOOTH RADIANT SKIN anti ageing...
Rs. 1,522 Rs. 1,072
Rosemary Oil – Deeply hydrates skin, aids in controlling sebum production, reduces blemishes 100% pure organic [Infused]
Chiltanpure Rosemary Oil Chiltanpure rosemary Oil hydrates the skin, which helps to control oil production. It also provides an antibacterial surface for the skin, keeping acne at bay, rosemary oil on the face has been known to reduce the inflammation caused by...
Rs. 1,844 Rs. 1,299
Peppermint Essential Oil - Enriched With Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Microbial & Refreshing Properties [پودینہ]
ESSENTIAL AROMATHERAPY – Peppermint is revitalizing, invigorating and cooling with a fresh, strong mint scent that is energizing and uplifting. Ideal for purifying the air and help lessen negative energy and influences that can affect our days. 100% PURE/UNDILUTED – Our essential...
Rs. 690
Lemon Essential Oil - Better Skin Complexion [لیموں]
100% PURE & NATURAL COLD PRESSED OIL: Chiltan Lemon Oil offers many benefits and helps in brightening the skin and evens out the skin tone. It could be added to your daily evening skincare routine. It helps in deep cleaning...
Rs. 799
Orange Essential Oil 🍊 Reduce Anxiety & Stress [ترنج]
TRADITIONAL ESSENTIAL OIL FOR SKIN Chiltan Orange Oil is one of the traditional oil that is used worldwide for skincare formulations. It has powerful medicinal properties that improve skin elasticity & prevent you from premature ageing, dark spots, fine lines and...
Rs. 790
Rose Oil – Rose oil excellent for skin hydration, skin cell turnover, rich in antioxidants 100% pure organic [Infused]
Chiltanpure Rose Oil Chiltanpure rose oil provides hydration to skin which makes skin soft & supple. The many fatty acids in rosehip oil make it excellent for dry skin hydration. The skin also quickly absorbs the oil, allowing its antioxidants to travel...
Rs. 999
DARDKASH – Best for joints & muscular pains. Knee Pain, Shoulder Pains, Frozen Shoulder, Muscle Cramps, Muscular spasm, Stiff Muscles, Arthritis Pain, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoporosis pains, Sports Injuries
ChiltanPure Dardkash Oil, a blend of soothing essential oils and minerals, is known for its pain-relieving action. This oil reduces inflammation and eases severe discomfort by warming muscles and joints upon interaction and penetrating deep beneath the skin. Its antispasmodic...
Rs. 2,270 Rs. 1,599
Orange Oil 🍊 Reduces anxiety & depression, Treats insomnia, contains anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties 100% pure organic [Infused]
Chiltanpure Orange Oil Chiltanpure orange infused oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that are great for skin, especially if you commonly suffer from bacterial conditions like acne or fungal infections such as athletes foot. In addition, orange Essential Oil is beneficial for maintaining...
Rs. 999
Clove Oil – Powerful Antioxidant, Soothing, Warm Aroma, Helps Clean Teeth & Gums[لونگ] 250ml
Chiltanpure Clove Oil ChiltanPure Clove infused oil is known for its ability to cleanse teeth & gums. Clove oil is also a stimulating and energizing oil that produces a warm, woody aroma. Internal use has powerful antioxidant benefits. Soothing, warm...
Rs. 999
Anti Pain Natural Gel ~ Natural Solution 150ml
Anti Pain Natural Gel This Anti-Pain Natural Gel gives you full relief from any type of pain in your body. It gives you result within minutes as it pure consist of Natural Ingredients. Shop Antipain Gel & Get delivery in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad,...
Rs. 999
Pain Relieving Cream - Get Instant Relief from Headache, Body Ache & Cold
Chiltanpure Pain Relieving Cream Rapidly changing lifestyle has led to a drastic increase in problems like cold, headache and body ache. To stand tall against these odds, ChiltanPure presents you the new Pain Relieving Cream with improved new formula with...
Rs. 999
Clove Essential Oil – Good for Oral Health, Soothes Skin, Stimulates Hair Growth & Eliminates Toxins from Blood 20ml
Chiltanpure Clove Essential Oil Clove has been used for years in dental preparations, candy, and gum for its flavour and ability to cleanse the mouth, yet it provides many benefits. Its main chemical component, Eugenol, makes it a stimulating and...
Rs. 1,359
Patchouli Infused Oil - Fights Depression, Deodorizes Bad Odour & Soothes Inflammation
Chiltanpure Patchouli Infused Oil Chiltanpure Patchouli Infused Oil is derived from the leaves of the patchouli plant, a type of aromatic herb. It is often used for skin conditions, relieving stress, or controlling appetite. In foods and beverages, Chiltanpure patchouli...
Rs. 999
Rose Oil - Secret of Bright & Beautiful Skin [گلاب]
Buy Rose Oil Online from ChiltanPure, Rose Oil Price in Pakistan is Rs. 4,500 at ChiltanPure. Shop Rose Oil Online & Get Delivery in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Across the Country. Aromatherapy Benefits: Our premium pure rose oil offers...
Rs. 4,500
Neroli Oil - Contains antibacterial properties, reduces redness, promotes sleep 100% organic [Infused]
Chiltanpure Neroli Oil ChiltanPure neroli oil contains antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it useful to treat pimples, acne and reduces the redness associated with breakouts. Neroli oil is also suitable for lightening oily skin, so it is perfect for skin that emits too much sebum. For...
Rs. 999
Patchouli Essential Oil - Fights Depression, Deodorizes Bad Odour & Soothes Inflammation
Chiltanpure Patchouli Essential Oil Chiltanpure Patchouli Essential Oil is derived from the leaves of the patchouli plant, a type of aromatic herb. It is often used for skin conditions, relieving stress, or controlling appetite. In foods and beverages, Chiltanpure patchouli...
Rs. 999
Lemon Oil – promotes wound healing, contains anti-fungal properties, Reduces anxiety [Infused]
Chiltanpure Lemon Oil Chiltanpure lemon oil serves as a home health remedy. It’s extract from the peel of fresh lemons.The lemon oil can be diluted and applied topically to your skin. Lemon oil helps with depression, clears your skin, kills harmful viruses,...
Rs. 999
Citronella Essential Oil – Reduce Hair & Skin Dryness [ترنجیل] 20ml
Chiltanpure Citronella Oil Chiltanpure Citronella oil carries a crisp, fresh aroma. With powerful pest repellent benefits, Citronella oil keeps creepy-crawlers out of the house and off your skin and clothing. It is an ideal companion for camping, hiking, and trips to...
Rs. 999
Neroli Essential Oil – Pain Relieving Properties & Great Aroma
CHILTANPURE NEROLI ESSENTIAL OIL Neroli essential oil is extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium var. Amara). Orange blossom oil is another name for Neroli Essential Oil. It is a widely used essential oil in aromatherapy...
Rs. 1,290
Pine Essential Oil - Memory Booster, Powerful Antioxidant, Enhances Cognition, Treats Eczema & Rosacea
Chiltanpure Pine Essential Oil Chiltan Pure Pine Essential Oil is handcrafted from pine tree needles and carefully prepared without any additives to provide you with nature’s goodness. Pine trees are widely famous for their intense aroma and are used as...
Rs. 999
Spearmint Essential Oil – Disinfectant, Stimulates Brain Function, Relieves Spasms, Cures Cold & Congestion
Chiltanpure Spearmint Essential Oil Chiltan Pure Spearmint Essential Oil provides aromatic comfort during occasional uneasiness when diffused or applied topically. It’s high in antioxidants and may help balance hormones, lower blood sugar and improve digestion. It can also reduce stress...
Rs. 1,299
Bergamot Essential Oil – Natural Insecticide, Prevents Asthma, Eases Anxiety & Promotes Healthy Hair 20ml
Chiltanpure Bergamot Essential Oil Bergamot is the most delicate citrus plant, necessitating a specific climate and soil to thrive. Italians have used Bergamot for years to relieve stress and soothe and rejuvenate skin. Bergamot is one of the few citrus...
Rs. 999
Lemongrass Essential Oil - Treats Digestive Problems [لیمون گراس]
SUN PROVIDES THE BEST ESSENTIAL OILS €“ Yes, it’s a matter of opinion, but we believe our oils to be the best and will provide anyone who doesn’t feel the same way with an unconditional manufacturer refund, anytime. We think...
Rs. 995
Clary Sage Essential Oil – Relieves Insomnia, Lowers Blood Pressure, Reduces Convulsions & Balances Hormones 20ml
Chiltanpure Clary Sage Essential Oil Clary sage is a biennial or perennial herb known for its skin benefits and calming properties. Clary Sage oil’s main chemical component is linalyl acetate, which belongs to the esters group, making it one of...
Rs. 2,199

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