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Coronavirus: Anti-viral foods to build immunity and keep diseases away

Coronavirus: Anti-viral foods to build immunity and keep diseases away - ChiltanPure

Symptoms of Coronavirus

A runny nose accompanied by fever, cough, headaches, sore throat, breathing issues, inflammation in the lungs, but not to be confused with pneumonia. This virus has an incubation period of 14 days. So if you have any of these symptoms persisting for more than six-seven days, consult a medical practitioner. The faster you boost your immunity, the better it is, mentioned Coutinho.

What can we do to boost our immunity?

While Coutinho suggested basic hygiene practices like washing hands as a necessity, he also said it's important to include anti-viral foods in one's diet.
  • Washing hands: The good old soap and water are the best. If you are travelling, use an essential oil-based sanitiser that just takes away the dirt leaving the microbes in place.
  • Keep your hands and fingers away from your mouth, eyes and nose.
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Avoid consumption of raw foods including raw meat, raw egg, raw vegetables.
  • Wear a mask wherever you can.

Anti-Viral Foods in your Diet:


It is a powerful anti-viral. It can be eaten raw, mashed or can be added to soups. Mix chopped raw garlic with a tablespoon of unpasteurised, raw honey and consume a clove every day after two to three days. It's a fantastic way to boost your immune system, mentioned Coutinho.

Flaxseed Oil:

Flaxseed Oil is filled with numerous fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, alpha-linolenic acids, Vitamins E, K, A, B, D, F, etc, proteins that help to decrease the heart risk factors, fibres which prevent constipation, minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.

Ginger & Honey:

Count on these foods to boost your immunity. Take mashed ginger and star anise, and make a concoction by adding little raw, unpasteurised honey.

Coconut Oil:

You can cook your food in pure cold-pressed coconut oil or even have it raw. Lauric acid and caprylic acid present in it are essential for boosting the immune system against virals.


Foods rich in resveratrol such as peanuts, pistachios, grapes, red, white wine, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, and even cocoa and dark chocolate are helpful to fight fungal infection, ultraviolet radiation, stress, and injury.

Vitamin-C Rich Foods:

Vitamin-C rich foods such as amla, red peppers, yellow peppers, Vitamin C supplements are a must-have. An essential recipe for good immunity, according to him, is this immunity-boosting soup.


1 no - Sweet potato 1 no - Garlic Some - Spring onions Few - Parsley Few - Rosemary


*Mix all the ingredients together and make it into a soup. He mentioned that the soup helps boost the immune system against cold, flu and virals.

Anti-Viral Herbs:

  • Anti-viral herbs such as oregano, tulsi, dried thyme are great for immunity, and can be used in teas or curries for respiratory health including mucous problems which can become a "breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens".
  • Mix ginger, garlic along with a tablespoon of thyme, oregano and make tea.
  • Inhale essential oils like thyme, oregano, eucalyptus or star anise. One can also use a diffuser in the room.
Almonds are also a healthy way to keep hunger pangs away! (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Other Essentials:

  • Because low levels of Vitamin D3 means low immunity
  • You need a good pre-biotic or pro-biotic to keep your gut healthy. The healthier your gut, the stronger is your immune system. One can also have rice or beetroot kanji.
  • It's important to stay away from white sugar.
  • Minerals like zinc and selenium should be included. They can be found in almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, unsalted cashew nuts and unsalted pistachios.
  • All these dietary changes should also be coupled with good exercise and proper sleep.

Coronavirus Cure

Mostly doctor said: Coronavirus affected person must isolate himself. Eat organic and pure food like Honey(Robinia Honey, Sidr Honey, Ajwain Honey, Rose Honey). Organic food may help against heart disease. People who choose organic powders like coconut powder, almond powder, blackseed powder, sandalwood powder and vegetable oil like Olive Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Coconut Oil to avoid pesticides and other chemicals may have another reason to buy organic. People should use moringa powder as it is an immunity booster. In recent days while everyone is fighting against corona which attacks badly those people who have weakened immunity and can't fight against it. Only people with strong immunity can survive by fighting against corona. Many researcher papers and studies show that elder and children have weakened immunity and suffer from corona with a high mortality rate. Therefore moringa is essential for everyone especially elders and children to stronger their immunity to fight against corona. Because people who have weakened immunity can't fight against corona, which causes a high mortality rate. Therefore, moringa is the best choice to strengthen your immunity Aloe vera juice has an antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal activity to fight against different diseases.

What are the main aloe vera juice benefits?

Aloe vera juice is full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, making it one of nature’s most effective cleansers. It can help strengthen digestion and rid the body of any nasty waste, thus naturally detoxifying the body,’ says Sebastian.

‘It’s soothing, cooling and moistening, which helps to clear inflammatory and irritating heat, such as in menopause, plus inflammatory skin and digestive problems, such as acne, rosacea and IBS.’

Does Aloe vera juice support the immune system?

Aloe vera is packed full of immune-boosting polysaccharides which help the immune system to behave properly.’

Immune-System ‘Too much inflammation in the body can cause problems within the immune system and conditions like asthma, eczema, breathing disorder as in COVID-19 and Crohn’s disease. Soothing herbs like aloe vera juice can slow the inflammatory cascade and help reorder the immune response to prevent these conditions especially in Corona Virus attack.’

Does Aloe vera juice lower cholesterol and blood sugar?

Some evidence suggests aloe vera lowers cholesterol and has a positive effect on blood sugar levels, meaning it’s useful for treating diabetes and obesity.

Aloe vera juice is excellent for digestion ‘It’s worth trying for anyone who suffers with digestion problems like IBS, as aloe vera juice has healing and soothing properties, which could help with the painful symptoms.’
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